2013 Arkansas Woodgas Meetup | Marshall, AR | Oct 6

The Searcy County Airport would be pleased to host the 2013 Woodgas Meet-up on the week end of October 6, 2013, in Marshall, Akansas.This would be in conjuction with our annual Flying Jam. We can offer dry camping, restrooms and shower on site. We have a large hangar to get out of the sun. We offer this at no charge to participants.

This event is open to the public and is usually attended by hundreds. There will be pilots showing off all manor of flying machines, fixed wing, rotorcraft, powered parachutes etc. There will be local vendors and live music on Saturday. This would be a great opportunity to promote woodgas technology.

October in the Ozarks offers awesome Fall colors and the Buffalo River is close for those who are into canoeing and float trips.

If my source works out, I will be able to provide dry, white oak wood chunks to get the gassers back home.

Hopefully the date and location works out for everyone.

Richard Craig

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As Richard Craig suggested, Marshall, AR might be a lovely place for a meet up. Was on the Buffalo River there two years ago, it’s known as one of the cleanest rivers in the US, great canoeing and kayaking. And that’s a great time of year in this area. For those that must fly, Little Rock is not that far.

Moved this to it’s own topic. Hope to see some action on this as well!

Hi Martin
or whom ever is trying to pull this meeting together, keep the info coming so I can stay updated if this works out.

It would be nice to have a meeting a little closer for some of us that are in the deep south. Thanks for starting some interest! I Hope that my project will be done for Argo’s just to see the challenges to make a long drive on wood

Of coarse it needs to be held at different locations to try and balance the distance that many would have to drive.

I dont fly so thats not a option for me IM A SCARDY CAT…lol

The Argos meet will probably stay put, because it’s fairly central for our members and an uncommonly good setup. We lucked out!

But I do hope to see lots more meetings spring up around the country. Anyone can start something! Just find a local car-show or similar event, and arrange to meet up there. The facility is provided and you’ll get some interest from the main event.

Hi All
No offence to the upper mid-westerners, but if I was to go to one of these it’d be the Arkansas one. Time of year (all of May VERY busy here!). And we have blood relitives and long time friends in Missouri, Kansas, Texas and Louisiana. Any trip we would travel east of say, Wyoming/Colorado and we would get in deep doo-doo with out some overnight stay visits to some of them. They are understanding at least when we’ve east coast flown over.

Steve Unruh

Hey Steve,

There is a family in Alabama that would sure like you to drop in and stay a while also.

I’ve not logged in to DOW too much recently due to a family illness, and just started getting emails about this. Email notice is great, how does that work?

I didn’t recall that Richard Craig had come up with a date, back in July, but that is great. Oct is a wonderful time in AR. I have a number of friends and some business in AR, and will do my best to help out with this, even though I don’t live there.

AR is reasonable driving distance from TX, and I imagine I can scoop up Ray Menke and we can head up there. Ray is a pilot, also, so he will be interested in the “Fly-in”. Heck I’m interested and not even a pilot.

So, I will see if I can get with Richard, see where this is, see what needs to be done.

I want to try to make Argos, as well. Hopefully Chris will learn a Merle Haggard, Willie, Waylon or Jerry Jeff song by then. Argos is wonderful facility, even though it is a plane and car ride for me. Having seen the nice grounds and showers I think I would plan to camp this year, if I make it.

Hi Martin,

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Re: songs, I’ll see what I can do about that!

Count me in. I’m down in El Dorado and enjoy any excuse I can get for heading to the Ozarks. And, as a guy who learned to fly before he learned to drive, I’ll enjoy seeing various air machines and doing some hangar flying. I’ve been trying to get one of my old flying buddies interested in gasification. He’s a creative fabricator. Latest toy… a riding lawn mower drone! He can sit in the living room and cut the grass.

Hello Todd,

I’m looking forward to meeting you and your buddy. It sounds like he is pretty creative, with that mower drone. The best I have been able to do along those lines, is sit in the living room and watch my wife mow the lawn. Really not worth it in the long run.

Hi Richard !
I’m looking at my calender–trying to make some plans-- and , just to make sure, please, at the beginning of this topic, you said the weekend of Oct. 6th for the woodgas meet.
My calender shows the 6th to be on a Sunday. I think my question would be-- will most of the “woodgassing” take place on Sunday, or will it also be spread over Friday and Saturday ?
Thanks, Ron

So, I assume this event is still on? Any updates?

Yes Chris, the Flying Jam is scheduled for Oct 5-6 weekend, with most of the action on Saturday. It will be held at the Searcy County airport (4A5) in Marshall, Arkansas. I hope to get several working units to show up.

I plan on being there. Looking forward to it and the cooler weather that time of year. What are the motel accommodations around there?

I plan on being there also

I am planning on going “on wood” and also need to know about the motels…Planning on see all there.

Hi Guys ,
The Arkansas woodgas meet is getting so close now-- is there any new info or updates ??

Hello Ron and others interested,

The event is on for Saturday, October 5. Come a few days early and stay a few days late if you like. Motels are older and locally owned. All are close to the airport.

Rose Motel 870-448-3640
Sunset Motel 870-448-3348
Marshall Motel 870-448-3357

For those of you who have been spoiled by attending the Argos meetup, this will be different. Some of my time will be devoted to the “Fly In” activities, but there will be no shortage of people wanting to know about those wood burning thingies.

Who all coming plan on getting their on fri afternoon going to camp