2015 Arkansas Woodgas Meetup | Marshall, AR | Oct 3

We are having our Flying Jam and Woodgas event on October 3, 2015 at the Searcy County Airport in Marshall Arkansas. This has snuck up on me. Sorry for the late announcement. Come and see some crazy pilots and their flying machines and climb around on some woodgas powered wizzbangs.

There will be free camping at the airport.


Hi Richard,
I just went to Google maps and they mark Searcy County airport (4A5) as permanently closed. Can you clear this up for us?

Never mind, Google maps is wrong, as firefox just brought up the 10/03/2015 Jam.

Hello Pepe,
Maybe that’s why we don’t get much outside traffic here. The pin point shows where the “old” airport used to be 15 years ago. The same map shows the location of the current airport, south of Hwy 65 in Marshall. Google is having a bad day or something.

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That will be a real blast…! Looks like a two day drive for me, now if only I had the time. :dizzy_face:

Will any thing be going on sunday I would like to see a woodgas first hand.

Most of the activities will be on Saturday, but some of the pilots will be there for several days… I will certainly be available on Sunday to show you around the WoodHawg.

We plan to be there.

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Wish I could make it, too far of a drive for me and no vaca time left :frowning:

Thanks Carl, Looking forward to seeing you.

Joseph, Bummer, I had a plane ride waiting for you. Maybe next time.


New wood hopper, 500# of wood, engine oil change, and a washed truck. Think we’ll head to Marshall in the morning. A beautiful weather weekend is promised, plus a woodgas reunion on a small scale.


Good morning Carl.

Hope you have a great time . Please say hi to Richard and all the group.

Sure wish I could make the trip. but can’t get away during the fall weekends .

I sure wish I was able to make it. Enjoy guys, I’m shooting for next year.

Aint no way my old gmc giloppy would make it. ENJOY the nicer weather wood shows,I am sure you will find some one that will be inspired by the wood gas anotomus,or AA for wood gas.And its better than the hurricane weather in the north east,be safe and dont fly in any too windy weather,we like your support at the drive on wood/THANKS

what he said ^ :smile:

We had a great time, but the crowds were sparse. Greg Henze came with grandson Tyler. His truck is running great. He has some clever innovations. Richard’s Wood Hog is running and looking very good too. Too much wind for flying except at sunset and sunrise. My truck ran very good but fought a high vacuum ratio most of the time. North Arkansas hills are always a good exercise in hybrid driving.


Carl who are the people you mentioned Gregory Henze and Richard’s Wood Hog… I found Greg’s name mentioned once on this sight. Do they have trucks? Have they posted on DOW?TomC

Hi carl glad too see you made it back in one peice,how do you judge when wind is too high,or when not too gamble flying.is it too hard too land,or hard too keep strait while flying.

Got any pictures Carl?

Hi Tom, I’m not sure if this is the best way to link to Richard’s build but:


I thought there were more pictures, but I cant find them. Richard runs 100% WG, no gasoline in a nicely restored and upgraded 63 Chevy. He’s been to Argos the last 3 years.

Greg has a 92 Dakota. He’s from Donaphen MO. Greg has not posted pictures, and I failed to get any. Sorry.
These light weight planes can’t handle much crosswind.

Go here for last years pictures, it was very good. We missed Bill, Al, & Gary this year.

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Thanks Carl; I met Richard this year at Argos, but it was early Sunday morning and raining. I didn’t relate the “wood hog” part. I had seen his truck around and had to go introduce myself to get a closer look. Sweet ride.TomC