2016 Argos T-shirts

Get your t-shirts and sweatshirts below…

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I vote for this photo:


Not picking on this, because I do like the photo. But just as an example, here’s why this one won’t really work. The extra vehicle and tents in the background, the jumble of seeing Marvin’s truck through the rails and behind Mike L, etc. By the time you greyscale it and pixilate to the level of a T-shirt, most of the detail is lost and it’ll be hard to see Mike or the flare.

It would have been great if it were framed as just Mike and a flare, and no other elements. You can hide some of it via Photoshop, but it won’t look that great.

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Kind a figured that but I really like the photo and have no self control… :wink:

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The Don photo would be near impossible to beat… Even with a stick. So I change my vote to Mr. Don.

Chris, put me down for a shirt…!

Hope I’m not offending anyone but IMO those two otherwise great photos just don’t work for a T Shirt. They don’t pass the “Know Your Audience” test. To the average Joe it might look like Don has just overun a mortar emplacement. Even though the photo with Mike has enough clues to maybe guess what’s going on you could never get that detail on a shirt.

My son, who has a lot of experience in this sort of thing, suggested shooting a simple high res, high contrast, low angle profile against the sky of a Dakota with tanks, rails, etc and having DRIVE ON WOOD in big letters, Argos 2016 somewhat smaller.

Just my two cents.


Good idea! Although we sorta did that last year…

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Here’s a few more shots from Argos. Thoughts?


Any chance we could get sweatshirts? I seem to wear them about 9 months of the year, and they hide my nice DOW shirts.


I don’t think I’m the one you’re looking for, but it seems so easy/popular to “stitch out” details of a picture with Photoshop. It might be worth seeing if someone could stitch out the ring of trucks above getting rid of all the grass/trees/etc.

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Sure, if enough folks want them. Vote here!

  • Sweatshirt only
  • T-shirt only
  • I want both
  • Don’t care, either one

How soon will be needing to order these?

About a month before Argos. I’ll start working on the design.


Sweatshirts!! Order yours NOW. You have until May 3.

You can pay online at the link. They’re $35 each.

I will also order a few extras to sell, but not in the extreme sizes.

If you need a 2XL, 3XL, or XS, get yours NOW.

T-shirts!! Order yours NOW. You have until May 3.

You can pay online at the link. They’re $15 each.

I won’t order extras! You’d better get what you want now…

Bump! Only two days left to order!



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Bumpity bump…