A thread for blacksmiths by Jesse North

Hello, this is Jesse. North. I am also known as Jakob’s little brother. Before the trip to Argos I was building a charcoal forge. Below are some pictures of my forge. I talked to some of you at Argos already. If anyone has some advice for me, I would be happy to hear it. Also, you can post pictures and information about your own forges, black smith projects, or casting projects.


I want to learn how to make knives, and maybe do some casting like some of Handy Andy’s stuff. Maybe later on move on to decorative iron work.

I will try to post some more pictures when I can.

My forge is made from Jakob’s left over pipe from his truck build, some pipe fittings, an old computer cooling fan, a coffee can, and an 1/8" steel plate. The legs are made from part of an old mobile home frame. I also a fire brick that I drilled a hole in for a nozzle.

Thank you very much.


Looks good jesse! I look forwart to seeing what you make.
I reccommend this book for anyone intersted in blacksmithing.


A chum of mine who passed away gave me some smithing stuff.
I made a forge from a truck brake drum and tinker.

It really pisses off the neighbors when the wind blows the wrong way.
You need some real coal, the stick bituminous kind to keep you fire formed and shaped the way you like it.
Neighbors are particularly upset by the gasses off coal…
Charcoal works but its crumbly and hard to keep the fire where you want it, mixing some of the coal fines I got my my late chum makes the stuff clump and stay together more easily

I should have bought some fire brick and thought about this more, researched it a lot more too.
I don’t know about books I tried to research everything on youtube with mixed results.

I did manage to learn a little about heat treat and shaping metal.
If for no other reason you have a forge is to get a whole lot more heat on something than a torch can provide alone is enough reason to have a small forge.

A quality anvil is made of steel and rings like bell too…


I have a anvil that is a 100 lbs it is steel. I lit it up a few times using charcoal and it seems to work fine.


One day I walk into work and sitting in the plate shop is a huge cast iron monster anvil on a large wooden base.
It must have weighed several hundred pounds.
I thought WOW those guys in the plate shop are getting seriously into something I need to watch…

Turns out the engineering dept has this ceremony there a newly minted engineer taps his iron ring on the anvil is some sign that he is now qualified.
I thought to my self wow, these guys really are geeks…

Goes a little like this I think, I never attended one of this shin digs.


I have a few things about blacksmithing on my website, here:

Pete Stanaitis


I wish you fellows lived closer to me.
Individuals with skills and ideas I could never got board watching.

Thanks for the link Pete lots of stuff there to review.

I love the home made leaver lock.
I am interested in locks ( I pick open, re key them make repairs to them at work… in my official duties as plant electrician ) but never even considered making one


I did the an off-take of the mini-metal foundry, and used plaster for a coating on the inside, there are various other materials you can use, i wouldnt use plaster again it flakes off easily. The computer fan is probably what I will use next, the hairdryer I used pushed too much air. For a forge, you might need something to control the airflow, which I think the valve you have should work fine.

For the foundry, i put the air inlet in the side, I used a 1 1/4 short nipple welded on to hold the 1" pipe nipple. basically so I could easily remove it in case the molten metal leaked, and filled it up, or the nozzle burned up, or I wanted to convert it to propane. Every tin can I have tried to use as a crucible has come apart and I end up hammering the nipple out. lol


Where do you live Wallace?


North Ontario, way far


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I needed to bend a heavy piece of steel. So heat. I came up with this setup and bent the steel in a single morning. I used parts from an old water heater I scrapped. It heated it up fast, about 10 minutes


I hope the Mountain Lions come back to Western NC. I’m sick of these coyotes.


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