Anyone looked at the Bilke S3 blade idea for chunking?

I am new to the DOW forum. I have looked at the discussions below on chunkers and really like several of them. I found the following Youtube video showing slow action shots of the cutting blade of the Bilke S3. The splitter that is attached to the blade is interesting and started me thinking about processing wide material into 3 inch chunks. I have no information about how they drive the blade.

The concept: Get a large chain drive sprocket of at least 1/2 inch thickness (80 pitch chain) and about 18-24 inches in diameter. Cut a hole (or maybe two) in the sprocket similar in shape to the Bilke S3 and sharpen as a cutter blade. Attach several splitters to the back of the blade to split the material into 3 inch wide chunks. Have an adjustable depth stop. Drive the blade by a chain on the perimeter of the sprocket going to a smaller chain sprocket that was attached either to a PTO or possibly a chain reduction gear set and maybe a high torque hydraulic motor. I have high flow hydraulic pumps on both my tractor front end loader and Bobcat. You could have a universal skid steer attachment plate on one end for moving it around. If it received power from the PTO, you could mount it on the 3 point hitch mounted/moved by the 3 point hitch. If you went the route of a hydraulic motor, you could mount a log splitter on the same platform and drive the chunker from the log splitter’s hydraulic system. I do have some question about the economic viability of using my T-300 Bobcat as only a hydraulic pump, but it would be useful for a proof of concept idea and moving the machine around…

Link to the Bilke S3 Youtube video:

Do you see any reasons why this would not work?

This would be an interesting idea for a wood splitter wedge for the splitter mounted on the chunker…

Link to interesting wood splitting anvil:

That reminds me of the Mr. Teardrop chunked…

Top right is the download link.

The blade on this one is pretty interesting.

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Jeff, Thanks for the link to the “Mr. Teardrop” chunker. The source document appears to be an xerox copy scanned to .pdf and the pictures are marginal, but the mechanical drawings give enough detail to be able to build one. Supporting the lower end of the cutting cylinder might be an interesting mechanical problem. The document has been saved to my chunker folder!

MarvinW, Thanks for the link to this machine. The “tooth” seems effective in stabilizing the hand held log. I looked at this design for a bit trying to figure out how to put two or more teeth on the blade without causing material binding, then saw the Bilke S3 splitter that looked easier and several could be bolted to the back of the blade.

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The Bobcat should be a good base for a splitter,

WD, That Bobcat splitter attachment is just plain awesome! However, the $36,000 price tag is a little over my budget… I have looked at that video a lot over the years. Most folks want to burn oak around here, and all I have on my property is plantation pine initially planted by International Paper for the local (now closed) paper mill. There “might” be a sawmill in my future, depending on how the market for timber vs lumber is going…

Tim, your welcome. We also had a HM plant shut down.