Argos 2015

Good morning all.

Ron Lemler and family visited yesterday and we discussed Argos this year . The week end that we have been setting aside for the event will be the same week end that Ron and family will be tied up with high school graduations. He said he can arrange for us to use the fair grounds but he and Rhonda will not be able to participate as much as they would like .

Ron suggested we put the week end May 29-31 up for discussion and see if those dates will work for the majority .

After Memorial Day we are into the summer season. Many kids are out of school. Hotels are tougher to find but I’ve camped the last 2 get togethers. I think Ron L was real busy last year with similar. It was cold last year, moderate the year before, and almost too hot to play the year before that. The year before that we were in Kansas near Joplin, MO. Year before that we were in Akron, MI. Year before that we were in Calumet, MI. There is a fair grounds in Mineral Point, WI but that would put the east coast folks 1000+ away but might drag some of the folks from Minnesota and Kansas out of the woodwork. Maybe Chris’ area would be a break for some.I’ve had and am having a rough couple of years but I’m OK on a 500 to 600 mile trip each way. Argos is 360 for me. I usually do a hotel on the way there but drive straight home …Food for thought. We have several inches of snow on everything and winds are howling … Supposed to have another storm Monday night … Hard to think about summer … Regards, Mike LaRosa

Just tell me when, and I’ll be there. According to mapquest argos is only about 90 miles from me. If I can be of any assistance in the preparation, just let me know.

Thanks for starting this discussion Wayne. The weekend mentioned will work fine for me, but I’m very flexible.

There are plenty of great places in my area to host an event, but I can’t (yet) supply the wood we’d need. I should probably contact James Ulrich, we can probably get a supply figured out.

Chris, I am not sure where you are at anymore ??? There is a really nice campground near woodford, WI where they have rendevous gatherings. It is right on the Pecatonica River. … Also Darlington, WI has a great campground with good showers and bathrooms plus all the town stuff a quarter mile away … Of course the wood thing is one of the issues and Ron L has been way generous. I love burning up his wood.
I just propose suggestions as Billy Boes, Chris Seymour, John Stout and many others have trouble with the concept of Argos. Bill S is used to driving long distances and he is not too far from John Stout. Our big problem is Chicago. I drive to LaSalle and then head east a bit and follow the Kankakee River to HWY 10 the rest of the way … Bill S went to Des Moines last time and north to go home I think … Whatever works. I got caught in a 2 hour Funeral procession on my way home from Kansas . It was 105 outside and I had to shut down and raise the hood … I would have missed it if I hadn’t stopped for a burrito. Enough typing … I need to replace this keyboard… all the keys stick, especially the space bar … Mike L

Keyboard replaced with a brand new one … I have one more to go … OOOOOH it works good !! ML

Hi Mike, still in Frankfort KY. Halfway between Lexington and Louisville, 2 hours south of Cincinnati. Between all those, plenty of places to hold an event, or find a hotel. If we can solve the wood issue, it’s a viable option.

I always try to get east and see family at least once a year so I like east but I don’t know when the best time is. Going any where is a big deal when trying to raise your own food. in as short of a growing season as we have here. I am as flexible as can be and will do my best to attend when ever and wherever.

Argos is a great venue for our gang … I’m not sure that if we moved things elsewhere that more people could attend … I think Chris Seymour is in his own ball of wax in Kansas City and Billy probably has his bowl full as well near Salina … The fellas from Arkansas and east coast seem to make it OK …
It is zero here right now and heading down. I was debating if I should move my survey truck up to the road but I think it will stay in the shed for the winter at the bottom of the hill. They are now saying we are to expect 6 inches tomorrow night and this will be on top of the 4 inches we already have on the ground … Supposed to be below zero all week … If I really need to drag my over 60 yo carcass out on a job I will have to carry some equipment up to the old black truck at the trailer which is on the level with the road … Time to retire … I was supposed to be retired already but they raised the age to 62 from 60 … ripped off one more time … :o) … Mike

Well if you had a gathering over in the cheese heads state I could have a good excuse to visit my relatives in Pardeeville.

For me because i might have my truck working on wood by then,and thats the only way for me to fly that far,I will be trying too be there with the wood truck by then,starting this week on welding the cooling rails, and tube container layers. Thanks Wayne,Chris, AND ALL THE DOW HELPERS. SWEM

Hey Andrew, Nice cheese head … We got to Lambeau in August … It was fun for me … It’s OK to show up with it unfinished … Gasoline is cheapest in Indiana right now … ML

May I have permission to make up some buttons to make available at the next meetup? I include a few examples of what I have in mind.
Also I welcome any suggestions of other phrases or improvements anyone may have.

Hello Andrew .

I don’t know that you need anyone’s permission . But if you did you certainly have mine.

I like them !!

Thanks, Wayne

There may be other groups bidding for the same dates that we may want for a wood gas event . If we want the Argos fair grounds we need to let Ron L know as soon as we can so he can lock in the dates.

May will be here before we know it !!

I am good for any date but to make it easier on Ron and family I would vote for May 29-31

Hello fellow woodgasers
We heard from the fairground caretaker this week. The boy scouts have the weekend of the 15 through 17 of May already. We are checking on the other weekends to see if they are still available. We will post as soon as we find out any information.
Thanks, Ron L.

Thanks Ron, Mike

I will put my vote in for may 31 as well, in Argos. Truck should be running by then.

Ron, I’d go ahead and book the 29-31 if it’s still open. We’re a flexible bunch, but slow to get the ball rolling. Thanks for your efforts here.