Argos 2015

I will put my vote in for may 31 as well, in Argos. Truck should be running by then.

Ron, I’d go ahead and book the 29-31 if it’s still open. We’re a flexible bunch, but slow to get the ball rolling. Thanks for your efforts here.

If we get too much further into the summer we’ll have to find the local swimming hole. There are no June weddings on my list this year as far as I know. We have similar facilities here at our local fairgrounds in Mineral Point. I looked into it last year some. It would be 870 miles for Wayne and probably 600 for Chris but less for the Arkansas guys. The Michigan guys would have to brave the cape of Chicago to get here. They have showers and camping there. Maybe Doug B could line something up and we could do the Ozarks … Just food for thought but Argos is simple for me and the camping is good … Mike

Hey mike, no reason we couldn’t have more than one meetup! One in spring, one in fall eh?

Andrew, Argos is perfect as it is near level everywhere and you can really wind things up. At my place it is hilly so folks would have to be ready for that. I like the stretch along the Kankakee River as I head to and from Argos … Wayne’s area is a bit hilly as well. I’m game on about anytime and anywhere up to 500 or 600 miles but I did get caught north of Kansas City a few years back and it was 105 on the highway. It is in the 20’s here right now and I don’t need gloves or a coat so my blood is used to this. I had trouble in Kansas and also the first year in Argos when it was in the 90’s every day. I’d hate to get caught in tornado time there but then we had a tornado go over my place last year and mess up a pile of my stuff … I’ve been caught in northern Indiana a few times and had to duck and cover … Mike

The care taker called and the only date left in May was the 29-31. Ronda told him we would take it. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused anyone. We will continue with the plans up here. We have plenty of wood chunks for anyone who DRIVES in on wood. The 1st year we used 4 boxes, the next year 7 boxes and last year 14 boxes. I have 20 ready so far and will get more. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s woodgas vehicles…
Mike, remember this is Indiana, you never know what the weather will be like. Sunny and 75* :slight_smile:
Thanks, Ron L.

Thanks Ron and your family for all yall do !!

Thanks Ron, Unless God has other plans for me I’ll see ya’all on Friday morning or afternoon. Good luck and congratulations on the graduations coming. Thanks for setting it up one more time. It’s a great venue. Maybe this time I’ll get to check out your pallet factory ??? Hey, it’s only 5 months away … Mike L

oops, 4 months :o)

Thanks Ron and Rhonda. We’re planning on it.

Thanks Ron! Looking forward to it. Let me know what else can be done to help out.

Thanks Ron. I’ll be calling you ahead of time to see what you need.

Thanks Ron. I am looking forward to meeting you all. I put in for vacation for that weekend and this will be my first trip on woodgas.

This will be my first meetup, so I’m not sure how it all works, I understand from comments on earlier events that it is a collaborative effort. How can I contribute? Also Is there some type of admission cost? Pre registration?

Good morning Andrew .

The meetup is kinda like a big woodgas school , show and tell , reunion and a big party .

I will hold off creating a 2015 thread so Chris can do it right and less confusing than anything I can start.

In the meantime you can read back over last years thread and have some idea of what is going on .

I’m confused. By this post, it looks like Argos is May 16-18. I thought it was 28-31


I think it is 28-31 at least thats when i put in for vacation… I think that Wayne is just referring a link to last years Argos, and it happens to have the date in for it. Could be wrong.

It is getting closer and closer and my truck is still in peices! :fearful:


Correct, that’s last year’s dates. This year (2015) will be May 29-31.

Official thread is here:

Closing this one to avoid confusion.