Argos 2020 Planning

Hello Woodgassers! We have the fairgrounds reserved for June 12- 14, 2020. We will be there to set up on Thursday afternoon. This is our plans the Lord willing. Our reservation right now is for the old building. The fairgrounds is still torn up from the new building being built. Hopefully it wont be too crowded if someone else uses the new building. We are sure the fair people will have that all worked out by then.
I talked to the “dark side Gary”, :slight_smile: he agreed to put together a general itinerary for the purpose of informing everyone of demo times and events. We think this will be very beneficial.
I will be bringing wood chunks for anyone coming in on wood.
There were complaints from local residents about people dumping condensate on the roads, we will be bringing 2 fifty gallon drums to put it in. Please use these instead of dumping on roads or elsewhere. Looking forward a lot to this next meet up. Wish we were all young, single and could follow Jacob North to the West coast. Sounds like a wonderful adventure. He will make it!!!
Thank you, Ron & Ronda L.


Thanks Ron and Ronda !!

Yall are the best :smiley:


Some folks may have missed or lost this topic, so time to bump it up. Thanks again to the Lemler’s, there WILL be an Argos 2020!! :smiley:

Once again, we must work hard to leave the fairgrounds, and the Argos area better and cleaner than we found it.


Let’s bump this topic up to the top again.
This year plans have changed for me. I will not bringing the the 92 Dodge Dakota.
Dana and I going to be traveling around the USA seeing some of her cousins she has never had a chance to meet. There is a chance we might stop by at Argos but are not sure yet.
I know the wood gas meet up will be better than ever this year.
If any of the DOW members have not been to one of these events, it is time for you to go. The Information you will gain at one of these events is priceless, from people who are doing Gasification everyday.
It is only about 4 months away and counting, so start planning now. You will not be disappointed.


What Bob sayd, you will be a lot of things (stuffed with good food being one :smile:) but surely not dissapointed.

Wish l culd be there this year. I, and l think I can speak for JO too, had the fun of a lifetime on Argos 2019 (and prior).

It was sugested before l think, but may l bump ths following thing up again; it wuld realy be nice if there was some sort of video comference possible from people that cant make it live to Argos. I wuld love to have a chat to my friends being all together, and l am sure l am not the only one…


Well Bob I hope you make it. To everyone else I can join the choir the Argos Meetup is a great place lots of fun if you have not been you should. Hope to see you all there.


Good morning Mr. Bob.

Sure hope you can work in Argos with your travel .


What Kristijan said. I looked at pics from 2019 just the other day and I wish I could be there again this year. However this upcoming summer will be busier than ever.
I hope many DOW members will be able to go. If not too much trouble, some kind if video call during the event, for those of us who can’t make it, would be great.


Moral of the story, if you drive on wood, you can afford to drive around the country.



Only if he quits blowing his eyebrows off.


who do I need to know to get an invitation to Argos 2020


You just have to know your way there and have a way to get there:-)


Thanks Don
It is a long way from south east Texas but I plan to attend. I noticed you are located in Michigan. One of my Grandson in-law’s father lives somewhere in Michigan. Right now 8 of family are visiting him. I don’t know where.



Now that it is 2020, there will be a sign-up sheet soon. You are invited! :hugs:
Watch this thread for details. Basics are at post #21. Marshall County Fairgrounds, Argos, Indiana, June12-14,2020.


Thanks Mike. Looking forward to meeting everyone


Guarantee you will meet the greatest folks there are .


I haven’t been on the DOW forum very long but long enough tell there are some good people here.


Mike while l am thinking about it would you be able to bring some more buckets with you this year? I am also looking for 10,20 and 30 gal barrels. Let me know how many and price.Maybe we could start a needs list for sale at Argos
Need to send money for buttons will need address where to send
Thanks Dan Moore


Hey all,
As much as I’d like see you all at Argos, I have decided it would be better to go with my family to the beach. Yeah, they scheduled the beach trip for the same weekend as Argos. I really don’t have anything new to show, but maybe next year???
Gary (from the dark side) in PA


There might be a couple, the supply chain is gone. :sob:

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