Can you use a gasifier to extend your gas mileage

So hear is my Question. I have a 2005 dodge Dakota SLT v8 4x4. I know that’s not the ideal engine to gasify. But what if you used your gas and the gasifier at the same time? Could a guy make it so you only use a quarter of the gas that you normally would? The only other Engine I have is in my 2007RX8 with a rotary engine in it and I don’t think I’d want to do that to my 8 in less I was putting a better one in. Lol

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Sure. I suspect on a newer engine like that it wuld be real easy, hook the woodgas on and set it roughly on your desired ratio and just let the computer calculate the fuel required.

You must however take those things in to acount when designing a gasifier. If you plan on useing only half woodgas, the gasifier shuld also be a half size or it may run too cool and make tar.
This opens a nother problem as you may not be able to run 100% woodgas for long or ypu will overheat the gasifier


Hmm, rx8 and rotary engine, I can’t forget it yet, years ago I was renovating such an engine, 230 hp, 10000 rpm. On wood gas this would be a kind of challenge, but I think it would develop nice revs as it has two spark plugs and a fairly high compression ratio, 1:10. I could probably go to a race with Mr. Wayne with that vehicle. :grinning::fire: