Chlorine Dioxide

Dialysis! I love that. ! Might I suggest a Chlorine Dioxide Protocol to help you cure that?

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You guys think I’m kidding huh, lol. Chlorine Dioxide, the miracle mineral, aka MMS


Simply no.

I’ll use it to clean up water or disinfect things as it’s intended but I’m not going to drink doses of bleach.

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It’s not bleach. I use it and it has made a HUGE difference in my life. (EDITED & REMOVED) President Trump made a passing reference to it during his first election cycle and the Media jumped on the bandwagon by telling everyone that Trump just told everyone to inject bleach. I guarantee you the reason he got a handle on his Covid poisoning so fast was because he himself used MMS.

I will not say anything further on this subject in this forum but if you really want to know the truth, you might ask the more than 7500 doctors in Mexico that use this protocol with a 100% success rate. ALSO, Chlorine Dioxide CURES Malaria within 2 days of being administered. Malaria has killed millions over the years. Now it’s been found to completely reverse or substantially reduce the symptoms of vaccine created autism in children. This is HUGE! Big Pharma can’t sell drugs if people find out something like this, which can be made with 2 ingredients at your kitchen table is more effective than anything they have ever created. People have been jailed and assassinated over this info.

Start here. … nuff said.


no it isn’t bleach. it is an industrial chemical they among other things use in municipal water systems. if it was effective, no one that drank city water would have contracted covid because the CD would have killed it or at least knocked it down enough to not require hospitalization, but I didn’t see that happening at all.

Trump was trying to announce a German study preliminary results, I think it was injected into rats that was released like the day before and muffed it.

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I don’t know anything about MMS William but I’ll tell you that despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary the average American still thinks that the FDA and CDC are actually working in their interests and trying to convince anyone otherwise is what they call tilting at Windmills. Even highly religious people seem to believe that their God created immune system can be somehow improved by lab rats being paid to put profit ahead of all else. It was St Paul that advised, prove all things, hold fast to that which is good.


Wow. It is NOT an industrial chemical. It is used in municipal water systems, especially overseas, because it is far less harmful to the human being than bleach and far more effective at killing harmful pathogens. It also dissipates within hours after it’s added to the water whereas bleach remains and is ultimately consumed by those drinking the water. “Chlorine Bleach” as you like to refer to it, is a poison and causes cancer in animals and humans, it is the industrial chemical you speak of. It was originally created as a biological weapon of war. It is, in fact, Sodium Hypochlorite, NOT Chlorine Dioxide. Chlorine Dioxide, even in obtuse amounts, is not harmful to humans.

Chlorine bleach aka sodium hypochlorite is used in most places as a water disinfectant because it is substantially cheaper than chlorine dioxide. You also have Big Pharma actively suppressing the nature of this miracle mineral because it has the power to completely destroy their market for oil based medical potions and poisons, none of which truly help you to begin with. Remember, “Cure the patients, lose a customer” is their base business model.

It is best that you stop using Google as your resource for information as they are involved very heavily with Big Pharma at trying to squash this mineral from existence. For every real article you read that is based on truth, you will find hundreds that are absolute, fear mongering bullshit. (Please excuse my vernacular).

So much for not continuing on this topic eh? lol…

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Thanks for posting these facts about chlorine dioxide sulution, i have been hearing all the lies, that it is just bleach, while it is NOT. Maybe you can start another thread about coved treatments, and or news about coved, so this type knowlege can be easyer found. Long vidio,full of all the facts from profesional doctors around the world. THANKS AGAIN.

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To be honest I come here for the gasification stuff. If you are interested in the mountains of info I have found on Chlorine Dioxide, might I suggest you spend some time going through my profile here: Bill Weihrouch (@SkyForum) • - Gab Social

You can also search Chlorine Dioxide or CL02 (that’s a zero) on as well as many other video sites that aren’t Google controlled. There is much stuff in English but even more in Spanish. If you can speak Spanish. Mexico, Bolivia (especially) are truly at the forefront of all this since their governments don’t meddle so much in the citizens health care choices.

Be careful though, you are staring down a rabbit hole that will make you sick to your stomach when you start realizing all the lies you have been told your entire life. The level of fraud is astonishing to say the least especially when it comes to our health care in this country (The US).

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Moved to separate topic and closed… let’s stay focused on gasification here, there are plenty of more appropriate places online to discuss this type of stuff. Thanks!