hello, I am very happy to find your site in people as crazy as us Europeans, but it is we who in the sum Veritee, enclosed a picture of a generator fonçonnant a gas generator and at the same time factory heat (cogeneration) cordially. pal françois

thats my kind of rig simple and overbuilt…the whole motor and gearbox left together is a neat idea a clutch to start and different drive ratios.

plus…“it’s wet outside, we need to use the cloths drier…would you be a darling and go kick the generator down a gear?”

This machine is a proto. It is the engine of the 403 petrol peugeot of lieutenant Colombo which rotates at 3000m/t and the alternator to 1600m/t which has a power of 5kw.With the exhaust heat exchanger is used a oil water heater for the heat and with the engine coolant is being manufactured the sanitary hot water.

peugeot 403?..1950s 1500cc engine?..the local french car enthusiast’s would have you hung draw and quartered here for using that…outstanding!!

thats a neat set up…its a very clean layout…it looks like a classic imbert gasifier with a fully heated hopper…i like the rolled steel construction, it gives it a much more ‘professional’ look than one made out of drums… although when i build mine it will probably…made out of drums lol

what sort of filter are you using?

how many KW of heat does it put out?

this is the only other wood gas CHP units i have seen…its in Austria i think

It is a peugeot 403 petrol 1800 cm3, it was the proto to know the power of heat in kw, therefore unknown for the moment, approximately 45kw, attached a document on the concept of manufacturing imbert Industriel Berlier.

Looks good; similar to what I need to accomplish here.

Look Gazogè cordialy pal f


There have been can be a bad compreantion on the first article,I just wanted to say we the men of the gasifier wood, you need to have a little bit to undertake in such achievement, but also the rights of the wood gasifiers with the renewal of the biomass have the truth, a condition that he organized its forests(as in Sweden)because a hole of oil when it was operated then it is empty.enclosed the diabbolo of my gasifier.

Bonjour, françois pal, Thank you for posting this design. I love the compact hopper/hearth design as it allows a shorter unit. Mine is now 78" tall and loading requires a 4’ step ladder! lol. It’s also interesting that there is no grate. I presume this requires a clean out more often? How is the hopper condensate handled? I presume it is passed through and handled by the clapets d’evacution d’eau? The cooler design is also intriguing and is washed every 300 kilometers and the filter is washed every 900 kilometers. Pepe

Hello grandpa, normally, the Imbert gasifier produces charcoal to remove the tar in the gas, control of the ashtray once or twice for 12 hours of use, I use wood to 20% of humiditée to the hydrogen are so I do not much condansat, plus imbert is hot it is more efficient, above the 1100 level is very good for hydrogen.
washing the filters with just a simple water, it only takes five minutes a day, and a good Fortieth fonçionnement. cordially

Hello françois, Thanks for the response. When I checked into my first battalion the clerk said my last name Lemieux(he pronounced it Lemu) rhymed with Lapew as in Pepe Lapew the cartoon skunk french lover(let me take you away from all this, mon cheri) and every one started calling me Pepe Lapew shortened to Pepe later on. I forgot pepe is grandfather in french. Yes, I am also a grandfather so it fits. Obviously I don’t have a handle on the french language even though my father and grandparents spoke it fluently. I’ve always lamented not picking up the language. Regards, Pepe

Hello pépé, I have a great esteem for the grandfathers, my spiritual father for the gasifier is jean faucher, 87 years, the enclosed photograph and a poem for my gratitude for having given me this desire to know about gazogène.profite to improve your French for translation.

jean faucher


Jean faucher is the Pope of the gasifier wood but bruno grossi is the peripatetic lexicon, attached the photo of the meeting of these two men,it are the reference in gasifier wood in france, and the photo of the gasifier wood Chevrolet of bruno(his site chevroletgazogeneimbert)cordially

chevrolet bruno


Hello françois pal,
I have been trying to do some research on the Brandt gasifier which I believe was a French design in the 1930’s. It is an interesting design with a center tube of charcoal and an outer hopper for wood. There is limited information on this design so maybe you could ask your older friends if they remember anything about it. Thanks!
Don M

Hello thugs, where the four Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, a few knights of modern times, which provide solutions for the oil after I wrote the wrong site my friend Bruno , if you browse there brand.cordialement pal françois

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