Complete wk gasifier for sale cheap!

Hey eeverybody. Its time to let go of my gasifier. The truck is long gone, but I saved all the parts. I’m not planning another full size vehicle. I put very little use on it. You can see all the build details on my build thread. I’m letting it go cheap. I just want it to go somewhere it will be used and appreciated.
If somebody needs just particular part, i could do that too.


If you mount on trailer it might sell at an alturnitive energy show, easyer, plug it too your tow vehicle too show it working. My first wk was built a little on the heavy side, so its on a heavy trailer out back, i may try it pulling behind my s10, till i build a lighter version of the WK gasifier. Would you have a weight on the burn tube all but the outer houseing or with the outer houseing, and the weight of the heat exchanger by itself, my over weight burn tube all but the outer housing, was 350 lbs.???

My complete burn tube assembly weighed 250 pounds. I necer weighed the other parts.

That dont sound too bad on weight, it must be well built for heat recycling. My heat exchanger next too burn tube barrel weighed 150 lbs all by itself, mine is a little bit on the heavy side i doubled the plates on the ends of square tube i built it out of. Some one with no welding skills or the time too build, should jump on the allready built unit, i will keep that one in mind Thanks , maybe bring too argoes if still have in the spring time. I built mine out of heavy that i had too see it work, so i am thinking it would be a good stationary unit for welder gasifier, and i am thinking i might add another burn tube in the center of this one for more heat recovery and make good use of it with max heat recovery.

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Hi Andy I still havnt gotten my truck back together, But I may be interested if my old MEN doesnt produce enough gas volume. How tall is the gasifier and how much are you asking for it?

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Ron, the overall height is about 56 inches. It could be shortened about 4 inches off the lower drum, if needed.

hi Andy that is too cheap!! Are you going to be around today we have already left on a short trip to see Ronda brother in Berrien Springs we have the car but could I look at it

Hi there, sorry, missed the price. How much are you asking for it? Also, what size engine you recommend this for?


Sorry bryan, it has found a new home. I’m happy iit will burn again.


No worries, glad to hear it.

We are now the proud owners of a WK Gasifier without all the work. This unit will give my ford many happy miles. Thank you Andy! SWEM!



Thank you Ron and Rhonda for giving her a new home. I’m happy she will burn again.