Discovering my freedom in Slovenia - start of a long book

Hi Kris:
Nice approach to a better life!!
Hope and sure you will succede.
Wish you the best for you and your family. Sure you deserve it!!
Eddy Ramos.


Hi Henk,

Oh, you were in a couple of hoppers range! Were you on vaication? You liked it?
Soča is a butyfull river. Its where the film Narnia was filmed. However, it just occured to me, @Wayne wuld surely be a fan of bathing in it. It reaches a blistering 45f tops in summer :wink:

Unfortunaly l still can not post pictures. I do not own a computer, l usualy post with wifes smart phone. Is there any way to shink pics just with a smart phone?


Kristijan; I’m dumber than a box of rocks when it comes to computers (some would say when it comes to anything) but what I do is E-mail the picture to my own E-address. In a short time it shows up as E-mail and it is reduced in pixels. Then send it off to DOW . TomC


@KristijanL, if this is the phone taking the pictures, you can reduce the size photos it takes in the camera settings.

I’m not sure how big your photos are, we limit it to 2MB but the site can take up to ~6MB and will resize it on this end. Somewhere around 4MB should work fine.

Can you check your photo information and post it? How big?

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Yes Kristijan, we were on vacation there.
We also went to the coast and Istria looking for a nice place to put up our tent but came back rather quickly… to crowded!
The Soca was on our list and it was immensely beautiful! No fan needed when you’re near that river… cooling down was no problem!
Maybe next time we’ll hop a little further to see if you have your hot shower finished? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wish you informed me of your plans earlyer. I wuld point you away from crowd and to places we keep for our selfs :wink: yes most places that show up on tourist guides are for milking turists, the real gems are well hidden even to most native people.

You do that! If nothing else we can warm a big pot of spring water to dip your feet in :smile:


Ok guys lets give your suggestions a try

Hey it works! Anyway, this is it. Our land future homestead, registered to our name a few hours ago. And, our trusty litle Seat :wink:

Weedwacked years old grass, what a pain. Partialy dryed it was piled where the garden will be.

The old well and water buisness.

The water vene

The probably around 1000 pound well cover stone. Moveing that was a job with nothing but basic hand tools.

Ha, first fireing up the new WK gasifir, useing it to reforge the pick :smile:
Steel handles on a pick or sledge hammers are practical but hard on the body

There is a lot of wild hops on the property. ALOT. And a good strand too, wery big flowers.

Will be brewing :wink:

And lastly, the reason why l put the topic under Wood gas farming. Here is the first woodgas activity. We dug out a pit roughly 5x2 feet where we will burn everything wooden from the house and property, then cover the coals to make charcoal for gasification. Its a pitty looseing the carbons to the crows.


That’s an amazing place you have there. Looks like a lot of hard work to be done but you’re the man that can do it. Clearly your wife isn’t afraid of work either.


I noticed that your young daughter is concerned about her waistline dimension


Looks great Kristian! Super!
Lots of possibilities there … (with the hops! :wink:)


One word: -Wow!

Calculating. 2000km devided by 40. That’s 50 bags one way. Doable with a trailer. Time off from work is a harder task… :thinking:


Wow, Kristijan,
A dream come true location. Good luck to you and your family.


One of the best places on Earth! :blush:


Kristina; I wish I could go to sleep and wake up in 10 years and see your farm. I can’t imagine what your electric system will be. Also all the other things to come; heating, water, root cellar, and SHOP. ( for all the projects you will have coming up, a shop is a must). Best of luck. TomC


Thank you guys.

Ha, good eye Michael. Didnt see that :smile: Look closely to second pic where l rake hay. You can see she is bringing daddy some goodyes :smile:

JO, that wuld be great! Why shuld the trans continent DOW travel be a US thing only?

Tom, l hope to get the majority done before 10 year mark :smile: althugh the amount of work is huge. What you are looking at is all the the clear land of the property, rest is overgrown with brush, old grass and young trees. This will all need to be torn out the ground if we ever want to plow.

As for electric system, for now, we will be hooked on the grid. Just signed a contract yesterday. Other thain that, l am hoping to make everything as simple as possible.


Jan-Ola you can refill at my place halfway :blush:


Brilliant Henk!
Where are you at?


It’s a little off track I just saw… I’m in Belgium, North-East side, Mol.
But you’re welcome anyway!


Well since Chris made a update on his homestead I might as well.

I found this stove in the house. The state of it was beond description, probably hadnt been cleaned ever. But that is a good thing! The gunk acummulated over decades left the original enamel finish intact. It took about a whole day for me and wife to clean, unfortionaly l dont have a “before” pic to show l am not exhagurating.

I arranged one room in the house to be liveable. This waay l spare a half of hour a day driveing when l have days off to work on the property.

We have been clearing the surroundinvs of the house. All overgrown with bush.

But none went to waist!
All was burned down to chatcoal for my Mercedes and future woodgas machines.

And some of wifes rtistic photography of the wiew from the porch


And not just a simple woodheating stove . . . .
a wood burning cooking stove!!
Wishing you both strength and endurance on your Life-Adventure.
Steve Unruh