Discovering my freedom in Slovenia - start of a long book

First of all, l shuld probably ask Bill for allowence to coppy his title, its just l like it wery much and it fits the topic perfectly l decided to show you guys my version of it.

Long story short, life heppens, roads cross and divide, all this lead us to this. Our own peace of the world. We are more or less hours from signing the papers but at this point we preety much own it. At least in our hearths.

Just before myne and JOs trip to US, l triggered the procedure of aquireing land. Not a easy task in Slovenia, they make sure farmland doesent go to waist. But we are near and l decided to share with you guys what we were up to till now.

The land is more or less rectangular in shape, 24 acres (9.4ha) in size and it consists of about half forest half farm land. All is abandoned, hilly, overgrown and far away from civilisation. This rings “no,no!” to avarage buyer but it is perfect for me.
There is a small house built of stone on the property, a small stable, cellar and workshop. Everithing except the house (built in 1800ish) is destroyed beond repair. But the house served till now and l am Sure it will for at least as much when l repair it.

The plan is exactly what the title describes. Start liveing freely off the land. Food, energy, building material… Everything. And this land alows this.
First things first. One cant live without air, water and food. There is plenty of air, food can be provided alternatively for a while, but water is key for development. So, l first focused on it.
There is a well in close proximety to the house.
30 feet away. Whenn l got my hands on it it was more like a bog thain a well. Shalow, muddy, stinky, critters in … Took me the whole last week to get to a point it started looking promising. Anyway, l will now let pictures speak.

@chris l can not upload any pictures. Says they are too big but l trimed them. Whats going on?


Till we figure out whats the deal with pictures, here is a video l made today. Filmed from nations largest wooden tower erected 4 years beck less thain half a mile from our new property. From the tower in good weather you preety much see at least half of the country. Hope this gives you guys a glance of where we live, why farming with big machines is not a option and why DOW is a strugle :smile:


Nice! I look forward to following your progress.


Thank you Andy!

And here is a video of the output of the spring. The hose has syphoned it dry right where the water vane breaks out for 3 days with unchanged pace. I AM pleased!!! Thats enough good quality water coming from limestone rock to run a ram pump, means l get free water pumped for free 24/7. When the word FREE occurs 2 times in a sentance it means good :wink:

Thats about a gal/min


I am excited for you. I kind of did that almost 30 years ago. Stopped chasing the ‘dollar’ in Los Angeles and move to Wisconsin. Bought an abandoned farm. Burned down the house, garage, and a granary. Then started building. I picked up some old equipment and also started farming. You mentioned you will need ‘‘air, water, and intermitant food’’. Two other things that you have and will need are ‘‘youth’’ and ‘‘ambition’’. You have had a much better ‘‘bring up’’ for such change than I had and I made it. I know you will also. TomC


Wow Kristijan! What Andy and Tom said. What a view! Me too wish most of the future didn’t already pass.


Hi KristijanL.
I look forward to more.
“Setting Up for a Future” will always mean to me; committing.
A Wife, a spouse should commit you.
Children should definitely commit you.
Land for a home for them and you is a real roots down commitment too.
Not a: best of luck; from me.
A: best of life; from me. You have chosen well.
Steve Unruh


to run a ram pump, means l get free water pumped

Now where would you have been influenced by someone with knowledge of ram pumps?
I will follow your endeavors with great anticipation. We never know who/what will dictate our next adventure.


Kristijan .

The average person may have trouble with developing the homestead but I think I know you well enough to know you and your family will be very successful :grinning:


Very nice! I wholeheartedly encourage the use of a ram pump…they’re marvelous. One I built from plumbing scraps is my sole means of irrigation, and a highly dependable one at that when tuned properly.

This is a wonderful place to begin your journey to freedom.


Damn… there goes another keyboard… and mouse buttons…


This story is very inspirational. I second the need for youth and ambition which you hav in abundance.
What a beautiful location


Gee guys, thanks for all the thumbs up! Means a lot.

Yes, ram pumps are a marvel. I had one for irrigation allso but the spring was weak and only ran the litle 1/2" ram pump half a day then it neaded allmost as long to recover.
Here, if the flow is permanent as it is, it will be much better.

Has anyone got any links to rampump math? Sizeing, right dimensions…







Wow! Just ask and you shall receive. TomC


Very nice Kristijan!
No permission needed from me for you to have freedom. I am glad you can do this at such a young age. I waited until I was 49 but wished I had done this decades ago. A bad back means I have to move slowly. I receive help from others when needed.
It looks like you have a lot of good natural resources there. I look forward to your future updates.


Kristijan, good busy! :blush:
Sure you’ll succede!
We went to Kobarid and the river Soča in the summer. I did not realise we were that close to where you live. A map with pinpoints of who lives where would be a great help. Maybe there is one?


Sorry… posted it twice