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Time for a new bump-up, with the many now new members coming onboard. Presented a bit more friendly:


Steve your link isn’t working


Well I can see and read it. But then I originated it. Who knows. My computer has been real twitchy of about a month now. Fingers clumsy from fences building.

Was from May 13th, this year, with a picture of Admin Chris Seanz, wife, and the first two of their children at a mountain overlook.
Admin Chris in plain text clarified needing names, and a picture on the DOW forum, and the whys.
Tom Collins asked for please a general location too.

Maybe when Mike Reynolds gets back from Church and see’s, he can try clean re-linking to it.

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Still no link working yet, here at my computor either.Kevin

Too bad on the first link. Much more friendly. Less legalese.