Firewood Splitters

With the interest in sawmills & electric chain saws, the missing link is splitting the firewood (I’m 68 & the splitting maul keeps getting heavier every time I pick it up).
Kinetic splitters have the advantage using a flywheel to even out the power consumption. I modified an electric SuperSplit and it works beyond my expectations, running off a .75 kW solar array, deep cycle batteries and 4 kW inverter. The array also powers a Husqvarna 216 electric saw & charges batteries for a Makita cordless saw. The solar unit is featured in the Spring 2022 issue of New Pioneer. Here is a link to a video of the system splitting sawmill slabs.
(33) Solar Powered SuperSplit electric firewood splitter vs. 200-pound log - YouTube


That is pretty dang cool! Thank you for sharing your ingenuity.


Thanks much for the video Dave. I enjoyed it .

If you have a small sawmill then you should also have a wood powered truck :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Wayne, thanks for the comment! I’ve been following your videos for years.
Truck is on the radar. I have a '95 Dakota with the small V8. Other than the shocks & struts, it is ready for conversion. I also have a spare 8N Ford tractor engine that should be a good candidate for a portable power unit. I’m building a FEMA gasifier, just for the experience, but whoever referred to it as a “weekend project” doesn’t know me.


Thanks, Cody. Now I’ve gotta get it going on wood gas to complete the cycle.


Have a couple of kinetic splitters being used to split wood at the shop eight hours a day and now for four and five years of use I can say they are really reliable.


A chum of mine has a farm and his wife has a saw mill.
I said that too him and his reply was the wife runs the mill and won’t put wood in the truck…
A question of convenience for some.

Wayne if I had one of your trucks I would stop at every gas station and buy a small bundle off wood just to thumb my nose at the oil company.
But you can’t even buy a truck anymore up here they are like gold…
Unless it has Flintsone brakes your paying a lot for used one too.


Even the Flintstones were energy independent like us woodgasers, no gasoline ( more properly for the timeline, Dinojuice) was needed!


We’re running on ancient, refined Dinojuice now. How’s that working for you? Folks on this forum have enough common sense to skip that step and go directly to stored sunshine.