Fish thread how I love this time of year

My Chum Egar came home with some fish mostly game fish…
But Iike oily deep water cold fish like a whitefish or lake trout cold smoked and them pan fried.

But used to live near the lake head and went into the north US Midwest states where you meet the kindest people in the USA, who smoke the fish in a Nordic style on this side of the pond.
I miss especially in Duluth…

TO that end I have decided to add the fish thread to the bread thread to talk about the best loved ways to serve fresh fish…

This is hot smoked Carp
Very nice with some fresh chips…


I’ll have a video to post on this thread in a few days :wink:


Before Microwaves were all that common we had these stainless steel warming ovens underground…
You punched a hole in a can of food and when you came back to the refuge at lunch it was warm.

Times change and management decided they did not want us to cook anything so all the toasters, ovens and hotplates were removed from the property.
Some people who knew the scrap yard guys could get there hands on these warming ovens and they made the greatest electric smokers.
This is not one of them specifically but its almost identical to my chum, Pekka’s
And this is a whitefish being smoked in the same way…

My God I love smoked oily fish.
A bit of cheese, some nice rye bread, Vodka ( of course if eating fish with a Fin lol )



My boys and I were out chasing trout yesterday and got into a few, decided to try a new salt cure recipe like a favorite YouTuber of mine William Larkham Junior. Up in the far north of Labrador preserving fish with smoke and salt is still a big thing so they do a lot of it. Our fish always gets eaten up fast as you will see in the video :joy: