For Sale complete WK gasifier system

I have for sale a very complete, working WK gasifier from my Wood Hawg project. This will include a custom built, light weight, flat bed that fits a long bed C-10 Chevy, cooling rail system, condensate tanks, all plumbing, all blowers and some extra new blowers, all gauges, controls, throttle body, wood chunking saw, and all the white oak fuel wood you can carry.

With minimum modification this rig would probably fit right on to any long bed pick up. Be running on wood in days instead of months.

Richard Craig
[email protected]


Hi Richard do you still have the gasifier? Could you post some pictures if you do?

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Hello Jakob,
Yes the WK system is still available. I don’t know how to post photos here. Please send an email to [email protected] and /or call me at 8706151777.

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Email sent to you for pics and price.

Ron must be really bored, I’ve seen him on here a couple times in the last few weeks. He;s never around that much. How you doing Ron?

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Hi, I replied but it is not showing up in my feed. Maybe I messed up. I’m always looking forward to Argos so wondering what is happening. Always dreaming but any possible work on a gasifier is on hold again. My village decided to demand that I get the burned out plant demolished and clean up the scrap yard they told me I could have 42 years ago plus put a roof on a house rather than have tensioned fabric on it. They refused to let me deal with things on my terms but insist I hire help instead - as if I have money to do so. Finances took a hit as I lost my job due to covid. Life stays interesting.