Forced Induction

Hi Rindert. You are right about how innovation was more or less regulated out of the hands of the regular guy in his garage. I think about people like Rudolf Diesel or William Harley and the Davidson brothers building engines from scratch in little garages. That would never be done today. Or Tesla, building dynamos and doing arc dance demonstrations to get investors interested. OSHA would have had him shut down in a blink. Innovators like Wayne, Kristijan and Joni among others are the closest thing we have now to people like I mentioned.


If you want to scratch build an engine in your garage I can point you to an old reprinted book that will show you how to set up a mini foundry, machine shop etc, and actually gives you a very basic engine design to start with. You won’t be doing anything illegal in the US. Book: Metalworking: Tools, Materials, and Processes for the Handyman by Paul N. Hasluck . A simple internet search will find it.


I’ll check that out Rindert. Not too many years ago I had accumulated enough stuff to call it a starter machine shop. I burned it all up and don’t see much hope of ever getting there again. Those boys back then didn’t have any choice but to start from scratch. I happy to just work with the scrap I find.