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Hi everyone, thought it would be good idea to put this up.


Seems pretty straight forward and sane. I suppose you cannot expect common sense ideas to be, well, common. Can’t see anyone arguing any of the points and having a leg to stand on. Most people are fair; the problem is just the broad reach of the internet allowing so much far Afield crazy to seep in. Thanks for the politics and international respect clauses a lot of bandwidth get wasted on such stuff when there are much better devoted forums.
Best regards, David


Hi Chris: These terms are more than fair and should be common sense like David said.
Ron L


Thanks for the thumbs up. Common sense is sadly not as common as it used to be. Can’t fix it so we have to accommodate it.

The forum rules got copied off one of my favorite forums with thousands of members, yet it’s a peaceful and friendly group. I don’t think we’ll ever get that big but it’s good to have rules in place from the get-go.

Now I got some cutting and welding to do… TIme’s getting short and May 18th is not far off.

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I like it. Lots of hard learned experience here in these rules of conduct. I also like the fact that so far all of the Premium service members have chosen to use real names. In the gunnie world “An armed society is a polite society”. Internet talking means if your name is out there and you are readily searchable not tying to hide behind an illusion of screen name anonymity you will review v-e-r-y carefully before clicking Send. And then when misunderstandings do take place be quick to apologize.
So I would recommend a Premium member must use a real name policy to keep everyone mutually armed and polite.
Washington State Steve Unruh (as distinguishable from the other 11 searchable USA/Canadian SteveU’s)

A full month now and only 120 reads on this term of Service page.
Must be approaching 300 signed up members now.
A lot now have never even read this.
Suggest this “Terms of Service” blue link be put up very visible on the Home page and if possible show up on a members page too. I typically “home” and launch from there.

Steve Unruh

The terms of service link is found on the bottom of every page, to the right of to “Who’s Online” and “Best Browser”.

We should keep this thread “bumped” for a while though. Here’s the link again: Read it! It’s important.

Bump. Has anyone read the terms yet and taken issue with any part of it?

all looks fair to me

Have read and am OK with them.

Hi Chris and Wayne,

The terms are very fair. Sadly common sense and respect are lacking in our society. Hopefully the people interested in this forum will be serious about why they are here and well behaved. I wish I could make it to Indiana but just learned about the event and other obligations have gotten on my schedule. I’m sure I’ll run into you guys later down the road. Maybe when the book gets ready, you all could have a meet and greet book signing in Alabama. Possibly more of us Southern folk could make that.

Keep Up the Good Work!
Clay H.

Glad to see the views are up to 320, a full 200 more than when Steve U. checked. Half of our 600 members have seen it now. I’m happy, and we can let this thread alone awhile. Thanks guys!

This is my digital signature signifying I have read and agree to Terms of Service. “X”

Seriously Chris, you are doing a great job. Your dedication is noted, and we thank you.


The Terms of Service have been updated with a disclaimer. I hate disclaimers too but we can’t afford to get sued. So just reminding you that this stuff is for entertainment and educational purposes only… Anything you build is your own fault. Don’t blame us when it blows up in your face.

New members will have to check a box saying they agree to the TOS, like most sites. I should have had that in place long ago. For our 700 members who got in without agreeing to anything I did you the courtesy of pre-ticking the checkbox. It can’t be left unchecked, so if you don’t agree then you’d better move on.

If you haven’t already, please read the Terms of Service here: You might learn something.

Hi Chris Saenz
OK Terms of Service re-read and looks like a good needed evolutionary change to me.

Two suggestions:

To enable future Search function you will need to correct the thread topic word “Terns” to Terms. (Just so you do not think a terrible speller and transposer such as me is nit-picking.)

STILL only 500 reads on this by 700 members. AND I know that I count for three of those. I stronly suggest you do an ALL Members E-Mail send out broadcast of these Terms of Service.
Then NO ONE can ever whine that they were not informed.

Steve Unruh


Thanks for the spelling correction, the particular lowercase combo of RN looks much like an M.

A sitewide email broadcast is a good idea. Just got to figure out how to do it…


Read it. Nice job.

The reality of the situation is that this website operates on an honor system. People of honor will read the terms of service and comply with them to the best of their ability. Other people will not, even if you tattoo it to their forehead.

OK, all users should have received an email from me about the updated terms of service. Please let me know if you did NOT receive this email.

I got it loud and clear!! Very reasonable agreement Regards sean

"Free users have signed up for a free account. They receive all services available to anonymous users, along with the ability to post on the forums, maintain a profile page, and contact or be contacted by other members. Any content uploaded to the public area of the site is released into the public domain and may be copied or altered freely. If you wish to retain control of words or pictures, do NOT post them publicly.

Premium users have purchased a membership from the site. They receive all services available to free users, along with access to proprietary information held by Wayne Keith regarding the construction and operation of his equipment. This access is not free, nor is the information available for public use. Premium members are strongly discouraged from freely giving out this information to non-paying users. Doing so amounts to piracy, a practice which is illegal but very hard to stop. We must act on good faith and ask our members to respect this. If you give away our premium content, it’s bad for business and ultimately the site will go offline. Remember, we are trying to cover our costs and keep this site open and operating.

The following information is deemed proprietary:

Articles and other text explaining the construction and operation of the gasifier.
Videos showing the same
Photos showing the same
Answers to questions or other text revealing the structure and operating principles of the unit
Videos revealing the same
Photos revealing the same

Specifically, we ask that members constructing Keith style gasifiers to be “vague” on the details, and to not post detailed photos or videos of the internal components in public forum posts.
Premium service also includes access to special forum areas intended for discussion of the Keith gasifier and its construction. Proprietary information may be shared here, because only premium members have access. Content uploaded to the premium area is treated as proprietary to the site, and will not be made publicly available except in special cases (“teasers”) in which very little proprietary information is given away."

i just wanted to clarify, so as to not step on any toes, since i am a free registered member, i am at liberty to post in depth information and photos from my own independent research and build? this is correct? since i have not purchased info and would in no way be committing acts of piracy?

i figured site moderators would have edited my posts by now if anything was not conforming to the rules, but like i said just wanted to clarify…