Has anyone ever?

Of course YouTube presented me with the Indian guys who make a teapot boil with gasoline burner that was bubbled through water or something to make vapor. That got me thinking about the " run my engine on vapor" crowd.
It’s been a rough go, trying to think of a quick way to switch over from gasoline to wood gas, without electric fuel injection.
Has anyone ever used gasoline in an oil bath filter to bubble a vapor to start the engine then switch an air valve over to a regular air filter for wood gas use?
I’m going to try it with the h.


Project Farm has made a bubbler that lets him run his lawnmower on gasoline or alcohol.


Thats npt a bad idea. One culd use the woodgas air metering sistem for that too. Only downside l see is backfires turning the gasoline vapouriser in a Molotov cocktail…


Did a few guys soak there gasifier wood in waist veg oil, or is that cooling the wood fire down too much you think.THANKS,

That is an interesting outcome. I never considered that. I’d need a Humphrey screen somewhere in the ducting, to make that possibility a little less exciting.

I really want a quick change over from gasoline to woodgas.
I thought a propane start up would provide that as well.


That is my opinion as well Bruce. I get a little confused by all the components they use for propane conversions for autos to heat and gasifiy the propane. Not required for my generator or kitchen stove.

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