Hi. new member from spain

Hello. greetings from Spain
A few days ago I discovered MrTeslonian’s youtube channel and I became interested in the whole subject of free energy such as the wood gasifier, which managed to run an electric generator.
then in this forum I saw that it is even possible to run cars with only ethanol
I would like to know if there is any other youtube channel where they deal with these issues and that it is recommendable to watch it


Hello Felix and welcome to the DOW ( drive on wood )

Below is a thread you may enjoy .


thank you
I’m looking at the thread now, it looks interesting.


Welcome Felix. a word of caution. You will find a lot of gasifier information on Youtube. Some of it good. Much of it a little suspect and some just bad. If you study this site you will find all good information and links to sites and videos that are useful and reliable. Here is one good site.


Welcome Felix, and ditto what Tom just said. The info you learn here teaches you how to build a gasifier for the long haul, not something that will tar up an engine like a lot of the ones on youtube will. I just joined 6 months ago and the people on this forum want you to succeed. They are not interested in how many views they get like the youtubers are.

Garry C
“if you don’t build it, it won’t work”


Thanks for the advice, I’ll keep it in mind.
For now, I only looked at Mr Teslonian’s channel and some others that I saw that were recommended in other forum posts; Now I will look at the one that you recommended to me, which also seems to have plans for how to make a wood gasifier


I would avoid Mr Teslonian. He’s a bit of a charlatan.


I get shivers whenever l see that guys name mentioned… he has done a lot of harm, not just in the world of woodgas…

I do however like his idea (if its actualy his) to combine a ram pump and a trompe to get air pressures higher thain the water head. But ofcorse, like everithing else, he never shows it working.


We refer to the gasifier in the link as a Ben Peterson, Felix. Several guys on the site have recently built them and they are working great but they do require some advanced fabricating skills. I would check Marcus Norman’s youtube site for a good education about the ins and out of building wood fueled down draft gasifiers. https://www.youtube.com/@lilbonzia/featured


Im real honored yall keep bringing me up like i know what im doin here :rofl:


Marcus the proof is in the workmanship you do and show and the daily driving like others do on this site. And already two gasifier trucks built.


Hey Marcus. :grin: :joy: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: Man Crush.