High Pressure Blower UK

Hello everyone!

I’m looking for a decent blower for my new build down draft gasifier.

Most of the information online is US based as well as the information for where to buy parts etc. I’ve looked online but I’m worried I buy something that’s not suitable for the job (again!).

I want something with decent pressure that can run for a while and hopefully 220v mains.

If anyone has any ideas/links that would be great. On my current system I have a large blower (originally from a bouncy castle) and an air bed pump (air bed pump sucking and the larger blower blowing directly in the the gasifier unit. On the new unit I’d rather just have the one sucking (near the flare).

Thanks again.


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See if you cant find the Ametek Lamb vacuum blowers over there.

These are AC motors. However you can run them with a small inverter or get a 10 amp / 12v to 48v step up module and they will still produce plenty of power to get a gasifier lit up fast. These blowers are now tried and true by me. They are a very good solution as the motor is isolated from the housing and hold up very well to harsh gas and heat.


Ashley , I did a google search , i still have .co.uk so my searches are all uk based , there are more fans there than you can point a stick at , not cheap mind so here is what i suggest might work .

Look for a blower fan from a central heating blower i have one downstairs let me get a photo

That is a small fan with a 2 inch outlet you would have to reduce the 5 inch opening to suit . Or my fav would be to go on Ali Express and buy the rip of Makita blower they sell them there complete with batterys and charger for cheap money , they look like these ones i found on the AU ebay



just some information about blowers in general, radial vaned blowers will produce more pressure, but less volume than traditional squirrel cage blowers. Since blowers are centrifugal pumps for air, the greater the diameter the greater the pressure. online charts will give you volume and pressure per dimension and power requirements. For just a little math and backyard engineering, you can match your requirement to what is around…


Thanks Guys,

I’ve managed to find one which has plenty of power, I went with the ametek and I’ve got a voltage regulator to give me a little control.

Much appreciated.



Hi Ashley,I can recommend a very useful high pressure blower named Dereike
Hope you have a good day