Home made bread thread

Where there is bread there is civilization…

Sounds funny but revolutions were fought over bread…

My Son had a french tutor.
She was from from France and spoke with a fantastic accent from the continent in the south.
She told stories about climbing trees as a girl and eating figs and I was enamoured with images in my head of a young tanned topless girl eating fresh figs in a tree near Cannes…

Man she was hot… ( and in her 60s so beautiful, well dressed and elegant, even my hounds loved her )…

Enough about how hot Joel was…
She… loved… bread…
And Polish cooking… when I was done feeding her…

I would make a loaf of different styles of bread I knew or read up on on just to have a nice meal for her on days she taught my son french…

My best and most simple bread requires HARD Canadian white flour, one Potato salt sugar butter and yeast…
You can make bread anyway you like.
How do you like it?

I made this one too.
It’s good but my Dad would never eat bread with caraway seed.
I’ll tell you why…
Rat poo, looks like those seeds.
And rats do get into the flour so you figure out if you will eat commercial bread with anything that looks like those seeds in it…


My recipe is even more simple concerning the ingredients. Only flour, water, salt and caraway seed. We call it cumin.

I make sourdough bread, which is appraised here much better than yeast fermented. It takes time, but revard is great.

I consider cumin as a must. It gives bread a proper taste and smell. I use small mortar to break surface of the seeds to let aroma get free.

I bake the bread in common owen, but on bread stone preheated to max temperature available. I also use shallow iron pan as steam maker. I let it heat under the bread stone and pour some half pint of boiling water. It takes 40 minutes to bake four pound loaf.

Here are four such loaves, which I made for my mum’s 80 anniversary.


Do you have a picture of a loaf that is cut open?


Unfortunately not, but I am gonna bake tommorow, so I will shot some when cut in half.


Here is a dense little rye I made the night I started this

I should have bought some fresh yeast

Buts it’s still good

Brewing and baking seem to lead to each other although I have not made any beer or wine in a long time.

When my son came home from work and smell the bread he asked what kind.
He likes a potato white bread leaven with yeast.

I like rye and sour dough but my starter Bob died a while back and I have not been doing much


I call my starter Karel and he is two years old already. I do not feed him, as some home bakers do, but revitalize him in full each time I prepare sourdough for baking.


Took me more than I want. But finally it came out of the owen.

Not the best one I ever made, I have to admit


Looking good. Nice texture. Thanks for posting.


You are making me hungry Kamil. Dana just made bread I am going to cut me a slice.


Bread fresh from oven…warm…you got me real hungry :smiley:


Chleb kartoflany

keeping it simple cause the wife wants blts for supper


My saliva drips as I watch these posts about freshly baked bread,…


I wish I could have an oven like that Tone

What’s on the pans
Is that young pigs


second what Wallace said, i cant wait to own a piece of ground and start an earthen oven project like that. Always wanted one


Looks like feast of gods, @Tone. Lambs, I suppose. And beef ribs.


Pork ribs with skin and two big stuffed rabbits, the pictures are when we had a holiday, … the stove has a firebox below, and hot gases travel towards the back wall and rise to the top in the back, … food can also smell after the smoke, which gives it a special aroma, because the product of wood combustion is also water vapor, it does not dry out during baking, otherwise it takes a lot of firewood and time to heat the stove to operating temperature, …


Good thread. We make all our bread at home as well as tortillas… Nothing better. This year will be first year growing our own grain as well. We buy from an organic grower and bought some seed. Very excited to go from planting to table on our own!!!


HA HA you fooled me !!!
I could not tell because of the stuffing, they must be farm raised with a nice layer of fat on them.

Every now and then we get some product of France skinless frozen hare…
They sell out fast.
There is quite a difference from a wild northern Ontario rabbit and a premium quality farm raised hare.

Whats Hasenpfeffer???

Pan roasted hare, then stewed…


speaking of hasenpfeffer cowboy kent just did a recent episode on making in yum yum!


I never tried this……

It’s a bread bowl with hunter stew on it