I find this website and the forum hard to use

Maybe it’s just me. I’m not the best when it comes to computers. But trying to find info on how to build wk gasifier extremely difficult, I have premium account and have not received the book yet. But for how to use or find info on how to build his gasifier seems very difficult. I’ve been told there a parts list but I can’t find it, and the only info is someone elses project asking if something would work better on there stuff. Can there just be one single place a person can go to get all the info to build wk gasifier and just that kind only all in one spot just one click and bang there is all the info a guy needs to build it. Cause I’m sorry people but I don’t want to hear about 15 different builds to get all the info needed to build just the fire tube for example. Thanks and sorry I not trying to come off rude to anyone I’m just being straight up .

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No offense but I think it’s just because you are new. We have 70+ year old guys navigating the site with no issues.

To go to the construction series that Wayne filmed go to Categories.

Then scroll down until you find Premium Library.

Then read every post on there.

The WK is a general layout, there isn’t a hard schematic. It uses ballpark dimensions. It’s designed to be made out of scrap.

The reason why Wayne recommended you read the Wilbur Smith thread is because there are updates to the design in that thread. He uses those updates now in his current builds. Wayne Keith gasifiers are an ever evolving project and that’s what the premium side forum is about.


If you just want a blueprint maybe you’d find Ben Peterson’s Wood Gas Builders Bible more up your alley, I own both Wayne’s and Ben’s books because they both have their own wheelhouse for usage.


Just wait for the book and then supplement it with the updated information on the site. Marcus made a very good video explaining his build and once you get yours built you will greatly appreciate all the different problem solving approaches people have posted. Gasification is as much an art as a science.


Howdee Matthew J.I.
Here read this just one month old short one with lots, and lots of pictures:

Now here’s how it is straight. Many, many more guys will jump into wood gasification all enthusiastic; or time-events(s) fears driven, then ever will follow through to actually using it for real.
Thousands of thousands of guys I’ve seen in the last 15 years.
The follow through actual using guys are world-wide just one-in-a-million. And the DOW Premium Side had a good portion of true only 7000 world-wide real experienced woodgasifier guys. No other comparable group of fellows except in Finland.

The DOW Premium side is certainly NOT about making money selling instant-gratification books.
The fellows who set this up have working day-jobs and generational families to tend to.
Your book will come.
And that is just the beginning of a month’s long journey, IF you would ever even follow through on a hundreds of hours build as Weber’s topic is showing. As the recommended Normans First WK topic shows. THEN you still got another couple of hundred or so hours of self-training yourself to actually effectively operate it.
And then with an actual Wood-Hog Beast gobbling up wood, you will have to become a wood-slaving demon to feed it. By then you will actually be joining the 7000. in capabilty.

Bluntly. To actually join the only ~7000 in this whole world who are woodgasifing for real requires a lot of perseverance. And Patience. And a tons of follow through.

Maybe DOW Premium is not you.
Thats O.K.
Lots of guys want to go another way. Here is one same the same time frame dating as Mr Weber, and now you:

He got the plans for a Gov’Mint FEMA.
Now he’s now enlarging it. He gets experienced DOW help too.
But not Premium he doesn’t get to read, and follow along on most of the DOW WK builds and Use-using experiences. He doesn’t get to see what you can see and read along what you can right now.

Then there are the strictly youtube presenter gasifier guys. Some of these DOW general side members too. Hundred different guys. A hundred different variant DIY systems. Ain’t no one-size-fits-all to woodgasifing for engines.

Again I said I give to to your straight . . . the one thing in common with all using wood and charcoal gasifer users is stepping out of our now cultures driven, pre-dominated Instant-Gratification mind-sets.
Some fellows before they even got the HWWT book asked for refunds.
One just this month.
Some had dropped the DOW completely.
And that’s OK too.

So sir, which be you?
Steve Unruh


Ok thank you guys I did not no that there was aa spot that has categories like you showed me . So yes it was just me and my own ignorance. Thanks


Mathew J ller; Your post has just brought something to light for me— I don’t and haven’t known how to get into the “priority” section of this web sight. I have been a member form very nearly the beginning of this sight. I have tried what Cody recommended— so far, I can not find the “Categories” to get started. TomC

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I took the screenshots from mobile so it could be different. Let me set my browser to desktop mode and take some screenshots.

Tom, it should be on the square labelled “Latest”, you click and it gives you a drop down menu.

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Hi Tom, look in the white box it says Categories 16 more.
Click on it.

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And on my system in the top of screen black band tool-bar there is a stacked paper tool icon.
Click it open.
Eight categories show up.
You have to click open the “Categories (16 more)” to open up the full listings.

This forum format like many now is like playing the old original 1980’s game of Mario Brothers. You cursor arrow all over to find active sections. On mine the cursor arrow turns into a hand to indicate an active link. Some times I find capability actions by accident.

Ha! Ha! The world as it is. Not what a fellow would wish it to be.
Steve Unruh


Hand action discoveries just now . . .
On the open up stacked papers “go-to” box . . .
And “About”
There! There is where the Admins lists and Terms of Service are.

And to forum refresh/reset I click on the top L.H. Flame icon.


This is one of the best and easiest websites. Thanks Chris, you made something special for a special topic.

Really one in a million and I dont feel I am allowed to talk much before I DO some. Dont give me any credit for that Tone, beautiful build.


Cody; I see in your screen shot that the pad-lock has a red strike across it. That means you (and I) are NOT on a secure website. I thought a couple of weeks ago, I jumped through a bunch of inner net hoops including changing my “password” to get rid of the notice of unsecure website. Now I see that it is back on my computer. What do you know about it? TomC

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I’m sure @Chris can explain that better, but I think it’s something specifically related to a certificate that a website can be given. I don’t really worry about it, just don’t go sharing passwords or financial information and you’ll be fine.

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Hi folks, thanks for stepping up to help Matt and others find the Premium area. Sorry it has gotten buried on mobile.

On the desktop / PC version of the site it is simply under “Library”, which has a link to “Premium Library”.

You can also access it in the “hamburger menu” (three lines on the right):

On mobile, click the new “book” icon at the top, it will take you to the main DOW Library and you can click through to the Premium library from there: