Interesting perspective on energy use and production


Thanks Don, I watched the full 45 min and halfway I realised it is ten years old. Haha, what things have changed the last decade. PV is cheaper then gas, and America did it again. Tesla rules, changes are going real fast. Personal transportation will be full electric in another decade. And we in Europe are ten years behind the US, we have only recently refrigerators with crushed ice :grinning:.
Mostly sharp, there was one thing left out, Central Banks and inflation.
Nice to see what did change the last ten years. Wind and solar is really contributing nowadays. Wood is needed to close the chain.


Well… PV has some upcoming costs that haven’t been fully taken into account. The toxic waste. Wind is the same, the disposal of all that fiberglass from decommissioned turbines, I’m told, is a problem. The video might be 10 years old, but most of what he’s saying is timeless.


Don, that was very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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This probably doesn’t fit here but I was looking for something in some old stored links I have and noticed this from a was back. I was curious to see if the link still worked. It did so I thought I’d stick it here for no good reason.

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You should have posted this like 10 days ago. They reformed the group and are not QEG anymore but Fringe Energy, and they JUST had a conference in Washington state over the 4th. :slight_smile:


Those turbine blades can be incinerated if needed, but I hear you. It’s a lot of material.

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They quit using the fiberglass turbine blades and use carbon fiber which is lighter and stronger now, which can kind of sort of ground up and reused. I think Tesla uses recycled Carbon fiber for some of it’s parts. The fiberglass blades and fiberglass in general is a huge disposal issue.

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Yes - glass doesn’t burn but the binder does. Harder disposal story there.

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It gets worse because the glass dust is nasty so even cutting them up is an issue. There is one place in Iowa that does/did process them. Then I think they pyrolized them but I don’t know what they do with the ash, that has to be some nasty stuff by itself.


I would think a wet cutting process would solve that? Probably there will be a period where the blades are stored and then once the pile gets big enough people will come up with a workable solution.

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I assume they use a wet cutting process, but when the water dries you are left with glass dust. I think he hauled them into a shop to process. I don’t know if they ever showed the process at least I don’t recall that amount of detail to it.

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So they are in the business still after 10 years. It means that their scam is really perfect one and may fool many.

Believe me or not, there is not such a thing like free energy.


The sun is the free energy that God gives us all.


The original QEG group, was intending to build a nikola tesla design/patent. which is a perfect scam in itself because i believe this is the one that used ‘dark energy’ which could be correlated to anti-matter which is hypothesized even by Einstein and still being explored.

But then they started including other ‘inventors’ of free energy devices which were all scams. You can easily see why all the utility companies in the US have bylaws that say ‘a company must be in existance for 7-10 years with a proven track record of performance’ for all technology. Utility companies were getting ripped off. Even if technology is legit, there is no place to get the track record unless you can self-fund the entire project.

Then probably for liability reasons they disbanded QEG group.

Fringe Energy is a lot closer to the middle ground for most things and they have greatly expanded.

Now they are including:
-aerial systems
-health and healing
-Orgone Energy
-pulsed power
-radiant energy

Some of it is not plausible, some of it is true, and some of it is in that middle ground. Where no one has proven either way.

They sell a Rife Machine, which is low energy electromagnetic waves that are rumored to kill or disrupt cancer, which comes from the 1920s, the pinnacle of quack electronic medicine like electroshock therapy. The cancer research organizations aren’t saying anything in either direction beyond we don’t know. but point out there was some research that used other frequencies that did in fact disrupt cancer cells.

western medicine is just slow., but that is similar utility companies preventing money being spent on free energy scams.

The irony is that most modern western medicines are actually derivatives of chemicals found in herbal medicines taken from eastern medicine, or native cultures. If they can’t make money from the drug, they won’t spend the billions to try to get regulatory approval.


I’m quite impressed by how long these folks have kept the scam going:


Apparently 30 years. I am kind of torn about it. I don’t think it works, but I don’t think the research is unworthy either. It is pretty similar to fusion, which for even longer then 30 years, has been shortly in the future. He has been issued 98 patents so it isn’t like he isn’t doing anything new.

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To get a patent, your invention doesn’t have to work, or be efficient. Hydrogen Fusion is always just a few years away. I did a HS term paper on it, In 1975. Fusion was only just a few years in the future then. I am an admirer of the work of N. Tesla. All this Tesla “Secret Invention” stuff was a scam in the 1800’s. Yes, a brilliant man that really improved the whole world. Later, a lot of curiosities that would never be practical, just golly-gee-whiz, look at that! Free energy for everyone!! Wasted a lot of time, lives, dreams, life savings, and still is…


It’s not fossil fuel!


Free energy is the sun that shines. Heat from the earth is free too. It seems wood waste can be free, but you are going to sweat using it. Less if you have the right equipment and know how to be efficient in handling the fuel. I wonder why this man Tesla created so manythings for mankind and wanted to give it away for free. But other men stoled his ideas? Oh ya it for the monies they could make off it.