Larry Dobson open source

Hello, reading Larry Dobson’s design but his website is not live anymore.
Anyone know what has happened to him?
He has an outstanding open source design.


Always check the Internet Archive.

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larry was alive last year he comes and goes try to get in touch with him in a couple of days he may be away for christmas and new years. I dont tink anything happen to him. did you check out his stove designs from back in the 70s and 80s the was ahead of his time back then.


Chris, thanks. That is what I found. But I can’t find any info of someone actually build/using this.

Larry, thanks. Apart from the design Chris showed , I can’t find any. Good to hear he is ok.

And at the end I feel really stupid. In my search for Greg Manning and his gasifier I got to Larry Dobson and mixed those two. But with Greg it is a little the same. At least you can see his gasifier run for days, but that was 10 years ago. The last video he made was 7 years ago about a boiler, not his gasifier… Does that mean the gasifier is not what planned? A lot of links/websites/business from those days don’t seem to excist any more, sad to see so

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Also add in the great information reading here on the DOW.
Go to Library above.
Dobson Gasifer
In this all phases information he put up you will find a 40 year summary of his delving into it all things wood, woody, to power.

10 years ago I e-mailed exchanged with him enough he was comfortable enough to have me and one other visit for an afternoon.
This is how you really learn the essence of a person.
In these two publications plus his DOE paper he really has left the treasure trove of his experiences.
And having gotten to know him I’d say now that not maintain live interactive links he no longer has to deal with folks wanting to put Urban wastes craps into his systems.
People pixilated with the Internet spun All-Biomass.
Doug Williams fought this not-wood, pull-down for years too.

LarryD. is a fellow wooden-headed. To turn-off, tune-out the crap for fuels folks you sometimes just have to disconnect.


The Larry Dobson I met in real Life 10 years ago was a full spectrum man.
He does Stilt-Man voluntary entertaining because he loves kids. Making his own designed stilts out of Boeing aircraft scrap with articulating feet.
He beach walks and clams daily. Can whale watch just a walk away from his house.
He small boats sails.
What he really wanted to show off was from his wind studying from his sailing experiences, his small wind power makers. His estuary island living he always has some kinnda’ wind.
He showed us a commissioned for So America a modeled engineered small scale water power system.

LarryD does because he cares.
Same as our Dr LarryW.
Same as Dr Tom Reed.
Same as just about all of the carried it on thru the dis-interested 1980’s, 90’s guys.
That’s want they really want from us.


larry had many ways of converting wood and other material into heat for stoves very efectivaly he had ideas as i said that were ahead of his time he could turn wood into heat at about 85 to 90 %. He designed stoves that produced heat with very little C0 only water vapour and CO2 he even condensed the water out before venting the exhaust. but i think he like a lot of the rest of us just get tired of the people trying to use his machines for what they were not intended for and then tell him they dont work right. and the government has a way of knocking developers down. He has had many disapointments. But his new machine is way to big for 90 percent of us to use I have looked at it and it has a lot of good design feachers so if you are building a gasifier or heater look well at the designs and learn from them. But his new design is not the best of his work. or that is my opinion any way.


Hello all!
Sad to say that Larry passed on exactly one year ago. He’s walking on cloud stilts now. Hope he has contributed to progress in clean and sustainable energy production by his life-long research.
~~Bruce Dobson


Hi! Thank you for taking the time to notify us! We are sorry for your loss. He inspired creativity in the design of gasification for more then a few of us even going back long before this site existed.

If you come across video or photos, or other information we may be interested please feel free to post them.