Life goes on - Summer 2022

I’m still waiting for someone to explain where all the energy to power an all electric society will come from or where all the raw materials for the batteries will come from or how to recycle all those batteries.


Yes Tom, that is question I frequently ask but never get a right answer.

And recycling will come. You can wait for that. Lead acid couldnt get recycled 20 years ago. Look at that today. Big business.


Looking at current prices at the dealership and all the markup, I think it’s reaching parity from the opposite direction. Prices are going way way up.


It isn’t exactly what we aimed for. There are component supply issues though.

The chip supply chain will clear itself out by 2025, intel and tsmc are building factories so chips shouldn’t be constrained.

Keep in mind, this is all spread out over 30+ years…

In reality, the higher efficiency of the vehicles themselves will reduce the amount of total energy we use. Second, once people get sticker shock from their electric bills, they are putting up solar. With the 7-12 year payback, it becomes a no-brainer especially for fiscal conservatives, but this won’t be everyone because of space availability.

It is all kind of how the market plays out. IF everyone installs solar, we may not need additional capacity. IF no one does, we will need to build it and transmission capacity…

The ‘green mania’ wants it all done now, which is impractical to do. It will just drive up prices.

There are already two companies recycling batteries, and there are several mining projects that have started and are coming online. I don’t know that we end up with lithium, but it is the best we have right now.

This will all change over time. 30 years ago, we didn’t have home internet, and even after we did have it, it was all dial-up, and required a 2k dollar computer and modems were like 300 baud. today it is a much different story.


In 1988 in the UK i was recycling plastic and had 1 customer who i recycling brand new battery cases from , i also had a company sell me old reground up battery box plastic that came supposedly washed with no acid content , that always rotted the paper bags it came in , and that company had also been going since the 70’s recycling the lead from old car batterys .


Just my damn luck.

Haven’t even got to lay a bead yet.

I’m gonna see if the MatCo guy can order parts for it.

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Very sad Cody.
Bad experiences in the 1970’s with 2nd lightest then in the world French Simplex plastic precision molded bicycle derailleurs put me off plastics restraining springs for nearly 20 years:

It took the beltline pagers (mandatory for my works) of the 1990’s to restore my faith that it was possible to mix plastics and springs again. The plastics must be virgin new composition of the proper type; and then surface toughened treated.

Then came the Glock series earning eventually even more trust. Then Stihl saw plastics earned more trust.

But, yeah. Has to be the caring manufactures, alright.
Steve unruh


Yeah. There’s one listed on eBay for 80 freaking dollars. And it’s still plastic. And probably at best NOS.

I hope Matco can beat that. The regulator is also busted, plus it doesn’t even have a flowmeter just a pressure gauge to tell how much is in the tank. This thing uses a hard plastic line to connect, very proprietary. The welding store guy said best thing I could do is see if I could hose clamp a line onto the plastic line and adapt a flowmeter/pressure regulator.

I sure wish I had Miller Money. Or even Hobart or Lincoln Money.

I’d settle for a Harbor Freight Titanium trim level MIG right about now.

I’ve got about 2 weeks of vacation I need to spend before December ends, maybe if I just don’t drive anywhere and wait on those paychecks I could snag one at a deal at HF.

I might buy their cheapest MIG machine that’s 240v Only. My shop has the hookups for 240, and I can always exercise the generator.


Hey Cody, This Mazda kinda reminds me of your truck that they wrecked into. Enjoying all the reports of your work on your latest Chevy. Andra som kör gengas del 14. Andreas pickup! - YouTube


Hi Cody, there are “universal” flowmeters for welders, just a rubber plug you push against the nozzle, adjust the flow, and weld, you can check the flow once in a while to see it hasn’t changed.
I use one because it’s simple and i can adjust all my welders with the same meter, both 2 mig’s and 2 tig’s.
Can’t find it right now, else i’ve snapped a pic of it, i can really recomend it, cheap and works well.


I’m buying a universal meter/gauge/regulator on Amazon. If I can get a new tensioner from Matco I’ll also convert the proprietary hard plastic line to standard braided hose. I really hope that hard plastic line doesn’t run all the way through the gun.

This welder is really really close to the Lincoln Handy Mig or whatever their cheapest gas mig is called.

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I can’t see exactly what’s going on there, but could you fix it with JB Weld original? I have fixed many “lost causes” with that stuff!

The drive gear still looks good! :cowboy_hat_face:

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JB Weld will be my last resort. I’d rather not junk this welder.

The tensioner arm broke in between the spring force and the roller wheel. I might take the tensioner off my dead Harbor Freight Flux 120 and see if it matches.

All depends on what the MatCo guy has to say. There’s one on eBay for 80 dollars but that’s just ridiculous.

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You would be impressed with some of the delicate stuff I have repaired with JB Weld. You can mix it a tiny bit at a time, put it on with a toothpick, let it dry overnight, and use jeweler’s files to shape it. you would want to take the broken piece off first.

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I’ve fixed a lot with JB Weld. It’s awesome stuff. Never ever use the 5 minute fast cure it’s garbage, but the 24 hour cure is great. I’ve repaired a broken off diesel return line in the Kubota with it. It was that or buy a new plastic fuel tank because the hose barb was integral to the tank.


Super glue and baking soda, thats the easy way to fix plastic


I’ll have to try that one.

Ordered a new regulator on Amazon, I’ll stop by Horror Fright and see if they sell any braided 1/4" line and go from there.

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Can we switch over to Life goes on - Winter 2022 yet??
It seems we will have no extended glorious Fall here.
Going right into Winter.
We are now using December amounts of wood for heat daily now.
Wet, wet, wet and wet.
And all Cold 30’s-low 40’s F. wet. Snows at 2000 feet and above.
I am now December wools wearing. Skipping right past the medium weight Fall clothing.


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