Life goes on - Winter 2021

The biggest problems with EV’s is water. Drive it into water over the bottom door seal or leave your windows and soak it inside. It is going to be a electrical mess. You don’t need a mechanic, you need a electrical technician. Most people just have them insurance Totaled and get another one. Lots of them in the Tesla junk yards all over the USA and the world.


Not to mention unless we ramp up nuclear power plants, the grid can’t reasonably support EVs. Sure, people like us that can crank up a generator and charge via 220v can do it or people with solar. Utilities will go up with the higher numbers of EVs requiring KWs per recharge.


I am not sure tesla and junkyard go with water… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it depends on the model of vehicle. I thought they sealed the high voltage electronics up watertight. I don’t know about the low voltage stuff. but that stuff has issues on regular vehicles.

In 1974 I was driving a true 27-29mpg Saab 95.
With gas rationing, and lines waiting I’d park around the corner up the street and walk in with a five gallon red Class III safety can.

By the 1980 gas crunch I’d already cycled through a 35 mpg VW Rabbit. (too many 1st generation fleas). A 38 mpg Ford Fiesta and a couple of small motor cycles. Come 1980 I’d already sold the 18-20 mpg 67 Mercedes 250S and had replaced it with a 1969 Chevy HD 2500 pick up. 292 cid. Granny gear 4 cast iron 4-speed. Maybe 15 mpg. And I had my touring 10 speed bicycle. Parked that truck a lot then. Rode the bicycle again much more again.
This actually worked out better for the $'s out of pocket. Worse of course for the young man females getting.

Live and learn. Knowing at any time at least price-jacking would come back, let alone rationing, I jumped on a family death made availed 2005 Toyota Camery. Back to 30 mpg+ on RON87. Two foster girls, one still in a booster seat, their bicycles trunked, room for another full size adult and we still go: come hell . . . or the 2nd coming.
OH. High water I switch back to the High Water capable GMC 2500 cargo box truck. 12 mpg. Or could revert back to the 'ol 94 Ford F150 18-20 MPG.
Just stay at home much more now. Booo, say the girls.
For sure now once a week stack up your go-fers.

Ha! Used economy sedans prior to 2020 were cheap, cheap. Not anymore. Don’t charge out panicked, spending out thousands, for worn out junk.
Use what you got. Drive less. Read more. Play with the kids more at home on your own place.
Opt out of the busy-busy 'cause it was once cheap and easy. Redefine Fun.

What has worked for me.
Steve Unruh


Cody gets the Kewpie doll. It’s the E. If you start building a N. plant tomorrow it will get operational around 2028 If you can still find qualified welders and techs and China will sell you the electronics. Maybe you can cover the corn fields in the mid-west with PV panels because without NG fertilizers they are going to be lucky to grow weeds in their Round-up ready dead soils.

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Maybe not. Nuclear doesn’t integrate well with variable renewable energy. Natural gas does because it cycles faster ie start and stop. It is also expensive, uses a lot of groundwater, and heats up the earth, and you still have billions in teardown costs. Then there are uranium security issues. Fusion doesn’t work yet.

Solar pays for itself in a lot of areas in 7-12 years (some better some worse) which is about the same timeframe mutual fund are expected to double. It is about same.

The big variable is how are people going to react if they GET an electric car. Are they going to install home solar? I think it is something like 50% of EV owners are also going solar. If that trend continues, we may not see much additional use on the grid.

Then you have the same scenario as gasoline if electric prices go up. people will install solar, as they are looking for alternatives.

We will solve it. but we use 4 petawatts of electric and have 240M registered cars, so just the logistics is going to take a long time. Because the technology is improving, you don’t want to do a mad rush all at once either.

Right now the grid can only support like 50% solar, so there is room for other technologies. I just don’t think it will be nuclear at this point.


This whole subject is just a case of self masturbation perpetrated by the United Nations. They keep throwing out different reasons for the world overheating . First I remember it was caused by holes in the ozone; then the cause was CO2, and the latest meeting centered around methane gases. All this to avoid the obvious problem which is so big no-one wants to face. OVER POPULATION. Too many people driving to many cars, burning too much petroleum products, building to many highways using up to much farm land that is needed to produce food for the population, our water table is contaminated from chemicals that are used to expedite production of all sorts of products for the masses including food, nuclear waste from generating electricity to support all the electrical needs of this population, and on and on. No one wants to face this, so I guess we’ll just have to leave it to God or who ever you believe in to create deceases like we just went through. That took care of one million population. Now we are on the brink of a war that could easily turn nuclear which would really deplete our population. Then we can forget about the United Nations BS and go back to living in caves, walking to where we want to go and back to barbecuing on an open fire without getting a permit. TomC


Tom, you forgot about the hundreds of volcanic activity on the earth that was not going on when we were kids, and all the jet planes flying poluting the sky too. We are coming to a head and like a pimple on the face it will pop if you don’t stop messing with it and let it heal up. But the government’s think it is their job is to mess with it and make it fuster more and get infected. Then what can they do but lance it and leave a scar.


Genesis 1: 28 says “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth”
Are we there yet?


Not even close Don. You can give everyone on the earth a Square mile to live on and there would be plenty of room left to grow foods for everyone on the best land on the earth. It is the land lords and Governments that are the big problem pushing everyone off their self proclaiming land, this is a big mistake for them. For Almighty God YEHOVAH says all the land on the earth is Mine and everything in it that I have created is mine, what you can see and what you can not see. Everything belongs to The YEHOVAH Almighty God and His Word Yeshua.
We are just to make good and have stewardship over His earth that HE Created. That is why it is written that He YEHOVAH Almighty God can setup a kingdom or bring in down.


Whether you believe in global warming or not. It is in the US best interest to try and have a cost effective viable alternative, or at least be working towards developing one.

-The US is out of -cheaply extractable oil-, that is why we are fracking or literally dropping bombs down holes a mile or deeper in a hole to try and squeeze out the last little bit or tar sands, like literally asphalt. It isn’t the amount available it is the cost.
-The 9 presidents before Trump all flat out stated we needed to reduce our dependence on foreign oil because 5 recessions have been helped by a spike in oil prices.
-needing something always VASTLY reduces negotiation power.
-we are getting suckered into wars over oil money and it is costing our economy trillions of dollars, that if it weren’t spent on bombs, it would help us even more.

The EU, is basically out of oil and they rely heavily on the middle east and Russia for oil, and Russia from NG.

China and India are both growing economies. China has a huge new booming middle class population ie like us in the 50s, but they have to import 90+% of their oil. India doesn’t have much oil either. BOTH have populations of over a billion.

Then Brazil up there economically, they have oil, but they are using more as well.

As far as the UN. well to be honest, I could care less. The greenhouse gases have been known for 50 years. I knew them in elementary school. But if your country is reliant on Fossil Fuels, you can’t do anything about CO2 so you have to work on the others.

I don’t think God would be happy if you had the power to help make the world a better place and used him as an excuse to not do something. I know Jesus wouldn’t. At least I don’t recall him being quoted as saying anything like 'if we kill off all the romans, there will be free bread and wine for everyone!"


AMEN. I’m a grower. Anyone that doesn’t want their CO2 can bring it over to my place. My plants love it.


I was doing research for a book two years ago based on US Census data and saw that in this country 80% of the population lives on 3% of the land. Urban and Suburban environments are nearly completely dependent on outside resources to survive. They do not even convert their own CO2 back O2, and the rain that falls on that area does not replenish the aquifers but is channeled off and treated as a waste product. I think we humans keep making bad choices.


Research how much money the Federal Government pays people to not grow crops every year. Then check the names of the land holders getting the biggest share of that money.


Bill Gates for one…
It is not me for sure …Bob


How do you punish Russia? You take away their phosphoric acid soda pop, their 10 dollar a cup coffee’s and Big Mac’s and just make all their kids healthier. As Brer Rabbit said. Please don’t throw me in that briar patch.


They also pay people to grow crops, and if they aren’t heard back, have to burn it destroy it. Can’t even keep it for yourself or sell as feed. Ridiculous. The reasoning is emergency humanitarian food but if it really was for that purpose wouldn’t you want to store it and ship it to a country that needs it?


Good old Government corruption at its finest. But Almight God does keep records on the wicked and He will repay all wrong doing in due time. It is best to be on His Word Yeshua forgiven side, and not on the other side.
Anyone who call upon the Name of The YEHOVAH Almighty God will be forgiven. But they must call on the Name of The YEHOVAH to receive it through His Word Yeshua.


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