This is already happening to some degree, but I wanted to point out the possibility to everyone. As most of you know we have an annual woodgas gathering, the next one is happening in Indiana in May as before.

But some of you are nearby other woodgassers and don’t need to drive hundreds of miles to meet up. You can of course plan your own woodgas meetups if you like, but there’s an easier way.

Find a music festival, car show, state fair, pretty much any public event, and post on the forum that you will be there. You might contact the other members living nearby and ask if they want to meet up. The hard work is done; the festival has taken care of all that for you. Plus if you get bored you’ll have some activities around. You’ll likely attract some interest, especially at car shows and antique engine displays.

Examples that have happened already:

Wayne and Sean at Michigan Family Farm Day

Chris at Third Thursday (Frankfort KY)

Richard Cooper at a car show

Richard Craig, Searcy AR Flying Jam

Doug Brethower, Buffalo MO meetup

(probably more, sorry if I missed you)