Mother Earth News Fair | Belton TX | Feb 20-21, 2016

Apparently the woodgas presence at the Topeka fair was a big hit! The fine folks at Mother Earth News are asking if we have anyone able to make it out to their upcoming fair in Texas. I know Martin Payne and Ray Menke are close, maybe some Arkansas folks want to make the trip too…

The fair is in Belton Texas, to be held February 20-21, 2016. As before, venue space and admission are complimentary to folks with a vehicle to show.

Please contact me ASAP if you can make it, or post below. I’ll relay the info to Alec Weaver at MEN, and he’ll get you more details.

Contact me directly at [email protected].


400 miles for me, I’ll have to think about it. Worst time of the year for winter weather too.

There is a Mothers Fair in Pennsylvania during the fall, Went there last year to talk about charcoal and took the Simple-Fire for a quick demo, If I can figure out the problems with the Ford Ranger, I may be willing to drive it down next year.
Gary in PA


I would STRONGLY recommend that 2 folks go so that they can spell one another. I got hammered at Topeka there is a lot of interest out there in the MEN community regarding wood gas and charcoal.
Also a great place to learn about all kinds of stuff from animal husbandry to zucchini. I have no qualms recommending this faire to anyone interested.


Where in PA…?

I need more characters…

This year it was held in Seven Springs PA September 18-20

Thanks Tom…

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Wow! - Belton is only 38 miles down the road - I may have to get off the back burner and spend the winter doing something other than cutting firewood.


Bump. The MEN folks are asking me for updates… is anyone able to bring a vehicle for show and tell?

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The closest I’ll be able to come to a vehicle is a charcoal powered lawn tractor. Not much “sizzle” or “steak” there.

But I’ll bet Martin Payne’s charcoal motorcycle would be a hit. Haven’t heard much from him in the last year or so.

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That’d still be very popular! Just learning about woodgas at all will be most of your WOW factor.

Yeah, if @Martin_Payne could make it with a motorcycle that would be awesome!

I could take the Wood Hawg and a Simple Fire genset. Is there a charge for exhibitors?

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I happen to be in Belton right now, handling some legal matters. I lived in Killeen from 92 to 05.

Hi Richard, that’d be great! There’s no charge for exhibitors, you get free admission to the fair.

Ok then, it’s on my schedule.

Sorry for the delay. Been moving for the last 4 months, it seems like 4 years. The Motofier still lives, out in West Texas at the moment. I think we can make that. Be fun with Richard, and I think I can drag Ray Menke along …

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So I never have heard anything from MEN or anyone on this. Didn’t want to buy a booth, don’t have anything to sell. Don’t know what was meant by “take the motofier” to show there.

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Hi Martin,

No need to buy a booth, as an exhibitor you get in free and they provide space for your motorcycle and whatever else.

I’ll contact Alec and ask him for an update. I’ll let him know you’re interested.

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Same here. I have filled out the Exhibitors app twice and no reply.

Norwood is also going to be at the fair showing their portable band saws.

How many of us are going? I don’t know yet if work will let me free.

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