Mother Earth News Fair | Topeka KS | Oct 24-25, 2015

Passing along a request from our friends at MEN. Free tickets to anyone who wants to showcase! I know Gary Langworthy and Doug Brethower are near Topeka… anyone interested please post below or contact me directly at [email protected].


We are trying to put together a car show for the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Fair to be held in Topeka, Kansas on October 24-25. As such, we would like to showcase a plethora of different alternative fuel vehicles. I was curious if you knew of any organizations or individuals that would be interested in showcasing woodgas vehicles at the show?

Your venue space and admission would be complementary.

Let me know as soon as possible so we can get you accommodated.

Alec Weaver


I would be interested but don’t really want to be a lone wolf. If Doug and Gary showed up we would have carbed, tbi, and mpfi. If I recall correctly this is in the general area of Herbs original stomping grounds

Yep, Woodward is about 4 hours from Topeka.


Both Doug and Herb have said they’re planning to go! It’s a good start… You won’t be alone Tom!

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I’m planning on being there, the more the merrier!! Herb H


Bump. Time grows short! If you’re committed to going, I need to know ASAP. Actually, Alec at MEN needs to know, not me… I will pass the word though.

So far I have Herb Hartman, Doug Brethower, and Tom Wobig down. Possibly Gary Langworthy.

Take pictures and videos to share with us guys please.

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Don you may as well go too, ild like to see your Tracker!

Alex Weaver from MENews (thanks Chris) emailed me, I’m locked in! Herb H

See you there !

Tell Alex I’m in . Glad Herb is going so I can look over the Caddy. And the truck that is the Daddy to mine . oops checked email Alec contacted me good to go.

Alright, going to be a good time! Now we need to get Gary to come up from Coffeeville, come on Gary!

I want to buy one of your Trikes, I think they are very cool, I need something new to drive around town to make the Cops nuts! Herb H


I’m voting for Don Mannes to take his trailer with the tracker and his lawn mower. Not knocking anyone else’s build, but his are standard but with unique details… Plus he has experience putting on demonstrations. Be nice to get a trip in before winter sets in. TomC

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Alec told me we would be inside displaying so I plan on taking my truck in cold to keep the CO down. Rats how we gona have smoke huddle inside ?

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They’ll have to let you “walk the dogs” at some point… not much of a demo sitting around inside.

Good time to check for leaks, you should be able to shut down and not smoke up the place… :wink:

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Got a update from Alec We will be outside. Smoke huddle is back on :blush:


That’s good news Tom, I wondered how they thought we could demo our wood powered vehicles inside!
Does anyone know what this amounts too or how long they want us there?

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So it’s you and I Tom W? Is anyone else going to make it to Topeka for the Mother Earth News gethering?

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Thought I would update this tread since it is getting pretty close to show date! Tom W sounds like your planning on being there, me too! Last Email from Alex said wood burners would be inside and wondering if we need to get them out at night, I know I will need to cause Caddy will be my only transportation! Anyway I am planning on being there morning of show! Tom W or anyone else going my # is 515-778-6466 feel free to call anytime. Herb H

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Good morning Herb.

We wish you both the best of luck . Yall will be representing the woodgas community and we all are proud of you .

Sure wish I could go but can’t get away this time of the year .


Tom W said above that you’re back outside. I’m sure they’ll let you drive home at night.

Try to take lots of photos/videos guys! I’m sure there will be some excitement from the MEN crowd.

Last I heard from Alec we are back inside. I told him I needed to get out at night unless he rented a Lotus or Lamborghini for our use to get back to motel. He said hr would make sure we had a path to get out