Old Memories for Old Timers

Going through my old computer and found this from 2012 of the first Argos meetup.


Hey Don, I didn’t know that it has been that long good to remember all the friends we made and some we have lost over the years.Thank You for your friendship over the years and hope to see you at the next meet up Dan Moore


Hey Don

A lot of water has run under the bridge sense that post .

Thanks for the memories


I could be wrong but I think that was the first gasifier gathering I attended.
Very fond memories of that first trip to Argos. A bit of remembering that humiliation I felt when while listening to Wayne’s explanation of his truck when I had to ask the fellow standing next to me “what does OBD2 mean?” I realized at that moment that I was going to reveal my complete ignorance of SO much, that I was standing amongst the only people who could relieve me of my ignorance, but to do that I would have to expose that ignorance over and over in order to become better educated in woodgas technology. Thanks to all who helped me my quest of woodgas knowledge! And Mike LaRosa was a special help for me in that endeavor. I still think his trailer-mounted gasifier approach will be the best approach for me ultimately. Thanks for the memory Don!