Picking a date for Argos 2018

I hope you like yourself on a t-shirt. My brother, Jamie, is working on making that photo screen-printable! :sunglasses:

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That would be great, but I think a pic of our hero Wayne would be more appropriate!


We don’t need my ugly mug messing up a perfectly good shirt :grinning:


My first choice would be 29june-1july – (camp ground not available)

second choice 18-20 may. (also not available)

third 25-27 may (not available)

then 11-13 may My timing stinks this year, hahaha

slim chance I could make it first weekend in June , but still slightly possible, though definately not preferable.

probably would not make it later in June. We are packed with trainings until september…
though, I would see what I could do if it was planned that way.

We had planned something for 10-13 May, but it seems like everyone else prefers that week. We could still move our thing around if we would do it soon. I would have a harder time getting out of a scheduled training on 2 June. I’d really like to make sure Jakob can come, he has worked pretty hard to get ready. If everyone prefers 11-13 May, I think I can make that work. It will be cooler then…

All that to say, if May 11-13 works for everyone else, I am still able to move my event around. We haven;t sent out official invitations yet. And I would prefer that to any of the other suggestions so far…

My partner Rae and I would like to RSVP. We built our truck together… Though it is still not fully operable. We should have it running well before may. 2 please. We would like to bring out our little 16 trailer RV too.


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Sorry to be indecisive guys, we talked some more.

Edit to last post:

New preffered dates:

#1. June 1
#2. June 8
#3. June 29
#4 MAy 11

We would be able to squeeze in any weekend in June or July, though it would be tight.

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Good morning Billy

June 29 has already been taken . ( per Ron Lemler )

I’m sorry to be too forward, but I would suggest Chris/Mr Wayne/Ron, pick a date and sign up for the grounds. There is no one date that will fit everyone, but IF you REALLY want to be there you can shuffle your dates to fit. I have been to a couple and I have missed several, and I am disappointed when I miss one but it boils down to I have to make decisions fitting my circumstance. TomC


I have to agree with tom. You are never gonna please everybody. The sooner the date is chosen, to sooner we can start juggling our schedules or applying for time off work or whatever.


Hello Mr. Ron

You were kind enough to host the wood gas event again so you be the one to set the date. I think the options you listed will work out for the most of us .

Thanks again


There ya go. Takes a “real” farmer to take the bull by the horns.TomC

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Mr Tom, I agree we need to have a decision, but I thought that’s what we were asked to do…

Thanks, Wayne, I missed that.

We have a grandchild due in mid-May, so the June dates will work best for us.

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Good afternoon all. We have been watching the posts and getting everyone’s information. It looks like June 1-3 would work for most everyone. It is a little later in the season, so it should be warmer up here. The last 2-3 years have been on the cool side.
This is a general plan for us: 1. Thursday around noon we will get to fairgrounds to set up. If anyone comes that day the grounds will be open. 2. Friday lunch and supper will be provided. 3. Saturday lunch and supper will be provided once again. 4.Sunday is clean up and pack up day. We usually are done around noon, though all day is reserved.There will be a schedule of events posted later. If you have any events you want to have happen then let us know ahead of time. We will try to accommodate any requests. We still have 10 boxes of dry wood chunks for those who drive on wood to get here, we hope to get you home again.:slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting all the new people as well.
Ron L.


Thank you all, The Date Is Set. It is marked on my schedule, Lord Willing we will be there. Looking forward to this Event.

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Now that the date is picked, I’ve split off and closed this thread. Refer to the official thread for further details.

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