Pls show pictures of the charcoal adapters

I would like to see the adapters for the clones. How to adapt the charcoal gas pipe to the clones. Anyone?


I just bought a Pod Filter adapter, replaces the airbox for an aluminum air horn that the pod filter clamps onto.
HIAORS Air Filter With Adapter Kit for 6.5 HP Honda Clone GX160 GX200 Go Kart Predator 212cc Engine Go Kart Racing Cart Mini Bike Parts

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Thanks Cody. I remember posting a link to this. I didn’t see all the pictures at Amazon. This one helps the most.

I also watched Matt’s video where he assembled his 8750 predator with a charcoal apparatus.

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I think Matt makes a new airbox using a junction box and some threaded nipples.

You mean a gas mixer Carb?
I have something here I will need to get pictures of for you if thats what you want.
Its a gutted big block carb with the venturi removed and a lot of epoxy.
Its sole purpose is a gas mixer./carb

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I wanted something I can shamelessly copy.

The kid is already cadding the adapter for the air cleaner. He can cut that out with the CNC router, or he can print it.

What ever you have for an idea, would be great. Don’t worry about being a proprietary a$$h€#&, trust me nobody wants to steal charcoal technology.
The school just bought a water jet and he is setting that up for them and will need a lil demo project. If you want your dream part made, then post some ideas and dimensions and we’ll see what happens.


Bruce there’s files on Thingiverse for the 212cc sized clones. I 3D printed them but you could probably toss them into a CNC mill.

Monday is a Holiday but I’m working so I will try and get the carb Tuesday and get some pics bring it home…

Just drop the emulsion tube out of the carb and drill out the venturi.
Clean up with a die grinder and there you go throttle body with idle set screw ( obviously use some JB weld to close up any holes. )

Then just make an adapter out of PVC pipes glued or what ever is handy to slide over the carb studs Bob’s your uncle…

If you feel like it make a turbulator for better mixing that fits in the fresh air inlet tube on your mixer…
This looks like a steel ribbon with a full twist in it about 3 or 4 inches long.
This will put some spin on the mix and help.

Don’t forget to make room for a barb fitting to reconnect your crank case vent


@bsoutherland has used a Turbinator in his Charcoal powered MGB, I’ve wanted to try it out but I don’t think I’d see any major benefits. His MGB is charcoal gas only, no guzzoline.

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I just cut plate with matching bolt holes to mount to the carb and weld a Low Pressure pipe couple to it that we cut down to a half couple. I use the low presure steel couples as they have a thinner wall to make clearance for the nuts that bolt it to the carb face.


Thats for DIY users or those that need to expand to other applications. I offer that so they dont have to buy ours and wait forever to get it. The ones we make are cut plate with an NPT threaded adaptor for fitting on the cam lock couplers.


Here is how I would go about making this by hand.

First make the adapter plate / flange to the carb, mount it make sure it fits etc. Dont worry about the bore hole yet. just the plate and mounting holes. Then mount it and place the couple onto it and trace around it making sure there is no interference with the mounting nuts.

Now tach weld this couple in place at points where there is no interference with the mounting bolts. Now get a 1 1/4 hole saw. This will fit perfectly inside a 1 inch NPT female fitting with no need for the pilot bit. Pop the bore hole out and now weld around from the inside, grind flat and assemble.

This here I just took a cast pipe flange and punched hole to match the carb. Its easier for us to just make it than to modify an existing flange.



MGBs have notoriously poor intake geometry that allows laminar flows that do not create optimum fuel air mixtures. So I added the turbinator thinking it couldn’t hurt.
If you want to geek out on the difference between laminar and turbulent flows go here:Turbulent Flow is MORE Awesome Than Laminar Flow - YouTube


My main worry is with the only ones available being cheap exports, the turbine blades would eventually break off and go flying into my engine. The one you got seemed to be higher quality than the ones I’m seeing on eBay and Amazon now. They’re using cast aluminum(probably just pot metal) and sometimes plastic blades.

I would like to know what everyone thinks about painting metal parts that go into the carb or intake post filter. I try to make as much plastic post filter as i can to prevent rust.

I want to prevent rust on the metal but don’t want flaked of paint chips getting sucked into the intake. How harmful would it be to a engine if paint chipped and got sucked in?

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Good morning Taylor .

Post hay filter I use plastic up to the shut off dampers at the throttle body . If I remember correctly I did paint the metal dampers .


Use this Taylor. You won’t need a top coat.

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The printed adapter from thingy verse.


What filament type? I use Esun PLA+ most of the time. ABS is more heat resistant I think but some chemicals can melt it.


It is ABS. The robot team has an extra amount of this, and donated it. I wonder how ABS handles carbon monoxide?