Pop off lid and seal ideas

Hello, I was wondering what folks have used successfully as a design for their puff lids (or safety hopper lids) on their gasifiers. I have seen discussions on the forum about whether one is really even needed for the application I had in mind.

Application in mind: Stationary charcoal updraft gasifier driving small generator (3-10kw)

I realize an airtight seal is essential. What type of gaskets are you using to make the seal? Are you using springs to keep tension on the lid? Any rule of thumb used for the size of spring(s), if used?


My experience has been no puff backs with my updraft charcoal units. It there was one I imagine the slip on flexible hose out the side of the hopper would just blow off. May be different is everything was glued hard line.


What Tom said , there really is no need for a puff lid due to the fact that a blow back , would choose the easiest route , the nozzle to blow back from and so is always a good idea to have a form of spark arrester there like a mesh or even a stainless steel pan scrubber . also a air tight loose fitted gas pipe helps as well