Prototype Wood Processor for Chip Fueled Gasifier

As many of You Know from the weekly hangout, I’ve decided that I will use wood chips as a fuel source for my next gasifier. With spring ending and summer upon us, it’s time to start adressing the wood processing scenario that will support this next endeavor.

I’ve been testing this for about 3 weeks now, and have been quite satisfied with the results. My prototype not only chips, but also packages the chips for use, transportation, etc.

Here’s the Link, let me know what you all think!


Awesome… :slight_smile:

Try piling up a few inches of brush/branches on a piece of plywood (doesn’t suck up grass) and try to mow over it (slowly at first).

I’d suggest leather chaps since mower bags are meant for catching grass clippings, not shards of wood.

Great idea Henry . . . maybe. :grin: My Dad had one of those 5hp home limb choppers. It worked good, but he ran his hand over the bottom screen to clear it, and lost a nail. :fearful:

lol…i wanna see what your chips look like

I’m disappointed. I didn’t hear the classic chunk-thunk thunk thunk when you actually hit a branch. :smile:

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It took Many revisions in the design to eliminate that annoying sound :smile:


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