Ram 1500 cut off year

Square bodied Dakotas and V10 2500’s are proving difficult to find in my area. 1500 Rams with 5.2 or 5.9 V8’s seem more common. What is the highest year of 1500 that could be gasified without going into uncharted territory?

Truck would mostly be used for shorter, lower speed trips.

I’m looking at an 01 with the 5.9. Rear doors would be nice on the 98 and later trucks. Hoping for long bed to still have plenty of usable space in the bed.


Hello Daniel.

I think as long as the truck has the 5.2 or the 5.9 you will be OK .


I’ve seen a few 2500’s with 5.9 V8’s recently. At first I assumed they’d be underpowered but from the specs I found they’re only a few hundred pounds heavier than the 1500’s and 2” taller.

Has anyone gasified a 5.9 V8 2500?

The beefed up drivetrain would be a nice plus. I wouldn’t expect to run high speeds or heavy towing without hybrid driving with gasoline.


The 360 makes great power in stock form, depends on what you plan to tow or haul, 10,000 pound trailer? I see them every single day at work contractors with 2500 360 trucks hauling dump trailers, frequently with 2 pallets of 3500 pound roofing material in them. They kill transmissions often if it’s automatic but they do the job decently but remember you will have a loss of horsepower on wood so it won’t tow or haul as well on straight wood, but hybrid driving would probably be fine. I know Wayne’s truck with the big fire tube hauls hay and trailers on the farm when needed