Red bear, long grass mower on charcoal gas


Hello Giorgio, and in Italy a Bucher mower with a Honda engine, but this is not a sin, in Slovenia we do not recognize any other than BCS.:grinning:
In the background I see a “stuk”, so we say a pile of hay pressed around a tree (birch), interestingly, this is very rare to see.
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this is the second gasifier we built last year- on a gutbrod license mower with honda 8 hp engine. the mower has had a two stroke engine before, what we changed to a 4 stroke engine to avoid oil dripping lubrification on a two stroke when gas is used …
the first gasifier was very successfull, built in iron and for corrossion-reasons with strong material and becomes of course heavy in this way…
for the mower would be too heavy, so we decided to build in stailess steel and using thinner material, so the gasifier without blower has the weight around 25 kilo…
for working the blower can be taken away. with one filling with charcoal runs more than 4 hours. it is no need to shake during operation- perhaps we used in the reducton area a perforated container with 3 mm holes, so the gas can escape also throug the wall of the reduction chamber, and also for reason of vibrations and not so flat ground where it drives… till now works 35 hours in hay season…
the gasifier is placed nearly centric over the wheels for to have a good balance with this additional weight.
filtering is with a stainless steel mesh, the filter works also as cooler. the filter container is something like pepsi cola pression barrel .
for starting we have a ball valve near the original carburettor, so when starting the right mixed gas is immediately near the motor…when the motor runs this secondary air valve is slowly closen while the other secondary air valve over the green rubber hose is opened.
when operating the secondary air helps to cool the green rubber hose because there is only half volume of warm gas inside …upper the valve is the secondary air filter


hello tone, the mower is originally from cechoslowakia and a gutbrod-german - license…
yes in the back is a haystack, when good made is a good system for store hay and straw!


You mention a reduction, is this a down draft charcoal gasifier?



hello cody,yes i forgot to describe, it is a downdraft system… for motor using is better i think in case there is some not well charred coal -because of tar…further i have read here that is a difference between coal quality, in downdraft systems always comes fresh coal to oxidation area, in updraft system always the heat goes throug the coal in the hopper and changes the coal- is not more so good for motor using…
for this reason only my cooking gasifier is updraft system, good gas comes very quickly.
on the foto the nozzle what enters from the side and is about 20cm over the grate.
diameter of the reduction area is also about20cm. on the foto is good to see the little holes in the side of the reaction area.
the nozzle is in front made from a thick piece of stainless steel, for its thickness is more resistant to heat. when operating becomes red hot.
the grate is to shake , but not from outside. when finished work and the ash door is open for cleaning, also the grate can be shaked.


here a foto from the gaskets i use everywhere on my gasifiers: it is from type glass fiber gasket what is used on stove doors. it is from the weaved kind and square shaped.
the piece on the foto is from the filter…