Regional member map

Is there a listing of where members are from here?

I am from Minnesota and would love to meet with anyone from Minnesota or Wisconsin if they were interested.

Thank you,



Andrew, There are members in your area. I am sure after this posting they will reach out to you. We did have a map at one time but I think that it didn’t work out so well. Ithibk it was associated with google maps? Not sure.


Wow, nice to hear there are more people interested in DOW up north.
Welcome @ERDOC,

Dad and I are located near central MN Staples area.
We are just getting our feet wet when it comes to woodgas. But excited about it non the less. Im in the process of building a WK gassifier for our 97 Dakota. My build is posted on the premium side.
There are a tone of build threads to recomend,
The DOW is packed full of knowlage… i try to read every day and feels like i am bearly scratching the surface.
@Norman89 has a great couple of build threads i recomend checking out. They were very well documented.
@BillSchiller is also from MN, he is located way up north.

Again, welcome the the forum.


Warren Black, DVM from SW Minnesota, (Marshall area) also new here!


Chris, thanks for the welcome on the charcoal filter thread. My glitchy phone has not allowed me a reply there.