Semi auto chunker

Not many new things under the sun. I envisioned combining parts of two machines that I had seen to achieve semi auto chunking. A pair of spring loaded gripping rollers, similar to ones on an antique corn chopper I own, timed to feed a workpiece a settable amount into a Keith style chunker. Then i found a video on the web of my idea. Logical really, a tried and tested feed method. Not as fast as a rebak but more versatile.


Nice! I had kinda been thinking along those lines too. Perhaps a geneva mechanism to turn the rollers intermittently. Chain driven from the chunking wheel so it would be timed right.


Finally found a better video that shows internals.

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the first video shows the wood-chunk machine modified by Vesa Mikkonen. It is originally made for processing firewood, but he changed it to produce chnuks for his gasifier.
The changes are not permanent, so it can be used for both purposes. Here is an english version of the vid:

And here Vesa is explaining different types of fuel for the gasifier.

Hope you find it useful.


Second video was quite interesting, he stated something that my father had read many years ago that the heat energy of all species of wood was the same…based on dry weight. I would like to know if what he did to the machine was a modification or an adjustment. My instinct thinks it is a modification to allow for a radical adjustment.

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Hi Wyatt,
as far is I know he modified the crank mechanism in this chunker. This mechanism drives the gripper drum that pull the wood in the chunker.
So less stroke on the crank means shorter chunks.
The crank can be seen around minute 2 in the second video you posted (post #3 superpilke firewood processor)


I just replaced the second video with an even better one showing the internals of this type of machine.