Small Simple Fire project #1

Hello to all on the forum.

First of all I’ve just discovered that as a new user I’m only allowed one photo per post, so I’m going to try cheating and splitting my post into 4 as I’d prefer for you to see 4 photos in all (maybe not such a good start as a new user to be cheating…. Though I’m sure some people condone it as using your initiative! I hope the forum members and administrators here will see it that way.)

I’m working on a Simple Fire to run a 5 kVA generator.

I think I’ve gathered together most of the parts I need to build and trial the basic concept, and my plan is to upgrade things or add water/oil drip etc. at a later date.

I’ve been enjoying a good trawl of this forum for some weeks now, but there are some things I haven’t really pinned down yet, and though I’d be happy to continue my wanderings I’m starting to feel the need to hear that engine running!

So I’ve identified the primary questions which are causing me uncertainty and I’m hoping someone here will be able to cast some light on them. BTW I’m a rubbish mechanic and know very little about mechanical engineering, so please forgive me if I come over as thick as two short planks at times!

The generator’s an SDMO pull start with a Kohler 9.5hp 277cc engine.

Here’s a couple of photos to give a rough idea of how I’m planning to set it up.


Welcome to the forum! Yes, we all learn to bend the rules a bit, in life, etc.