SOLD: 1995 Dodge Dakota

I have a 1995 Dodge Dakota that I would like to sell. It is a Wayne Keith gasifier.
I built it about 4 years ago. Last year I found holes in the rim of the hopper which made the truck run real bad on wood. I have not been able to find the time to replace the hopper. The pictures below show the drop boxes, condensation tank, blowers, under the hood and the holes in the hopper. I have been running the truck on gasoline for the past year.
There is a spare 318 motor and about two cords of wood, cut to about fist size.I need a bigger truck with a crew cab so I am selling the 95 Dakota as is for $4,500.
The truck is in Chapin, SC and the phone number is 803-397-5979. If no answer, leave a message.


Forgot the picture with the holes