Solvent as filter medium

I was wondering if a solvent or fuel would make a better gas scrubber.

I was thinking maybe diesel in a vertical tube with the gas inlet at the bottom with a high speed agitator ( like an egg beater ) to mix and reduce the bubble size of the incoming wood gas.

just a thought


Hello and welcome to the site.

Problem with bubblers is they make quite a lot of drag/pressure drop. Ok for fll power but idle is near impossible.
Also, there is a lot of soot produced with gasification. After just a few hours you got a gooey sooty diesel mess to dispose of.


Thanks man.
Sorry forgot to mention I was thinking of power generation so constant load and for it to be the last step in the process so really just trying to get rid of tar.


Thats actually very simple, use a gasifier design that doesnt produce tar, then learn your part in running it efficiently. Then tar really is a non issue


Welcome to the forum, there is much information here to read and understand and then, as Marcus said, you can build your own gasifier that makes no tar to begin with if you run it right.


As sayd above, tar shuld never be produced in a good gasifier. Therefore its usualy not a problem, and if it does happen its operator error.
A felt sack filter has worked well for me as a safety filter. It plugs up with tar before the engine gets hurt. But sure you can use what you described.
Also oil filters bath work good.