Soot build up in intake

was this a problem back in WW11 it just seam like a motor tear down every two thousand was something they wouldnot do. i see everyone is using pvc i was wondering if you are geting a static charge and maybe if so revesing it some how letting the soot pass with out sticking thank randy god bless

Soot seems to be always there but I don’t think any of us have had major issues with it. Even Max in Finland has had plenty of soot and showed some pictures of his intake a few years ago on his Audi with an OLD gasifier. The only problem I have had with it is on my 66 chevy where the idle ports in the carborator got plugged off so when I run that car now I have to run it on the main jets. I took it apart several times but could not get the idle circuit fully running. It has an extra control on it also. It has been too many years for me to remember the details. I have a backup carborator and manifold for it but they just live in the trunk of the car. My truck is throttle body so I just turn on the gasoline for 30 seconds or so at shut down to wash the butterflies off and rinse the manifold. On my multiport cars I had some issues with the buterflies sticking up from time to time if a little tar went through like during a parade or the such. As the gasoline gets injected further down, there is no way to rinse this off. The GM cars usually have a honeycomb in the intake to the throttle body and this is to smooth the airflow past the mass air flow sensor etc etc … I don’t know what the Dodge trucks have. Maybe Wayne will let us know if they have the honeycomb and if he removes it ??? Mike L

No honeycomb or mass airflow sensor on the Dodge Dakotas. Only thing removed is the air filter.