The original Swedish gas generator

I would like to know more about this gasifier.


Hello Joni,
You need to have one of our English speaking Swedish members translate this:


No, I don’t need a translation. I thought someone from the members of the forum has more photos or diagrams about this system. I just wanted to study this type of gasifier in more detail.


Hi Joni, here is a diagram and some information on this gasifer.

You will find this information in our Library under Swedish gengas the first down load.




BobMac you must have a steel trap mind to have FIRST read this information Bulk. Then remembered and able to bring out just the relevant sections.

So on the video Volvo front mounted system . . . .
the obvious central branched double wyed air-in system . . . answered here . . .
I believe now it IS A CHARCOAL designed system. That top smaller pipe branch from the vehicle grill side is probably engine exhaust bled in. EGR for heat moderation.
The in-place charcoal was obviously pre-made of larger wood sections than the twigs chop and cones he was overtop refilling with.
So he was fuel supplementing.
Note how extensive he was rodding down to clear the char fines made and raw wood hollows made.

So no magic eats all forest floor raked up duff system.
Just a damn good old operator knowing how he could stretch a systems capabilities.

Very interesting the mid-text explanations on the MACO system. Started as a central air jet. To heat stressful at fuel load run downs. “Char-glow”.
Evolved then to an air ring with individual replaceable jet nozzles. But down draft on a charcoal system.
60 years later and we have evolved back with Kristijans double flute charcoal down draft system. Ha! Able to use a bit of wood mix, too.

Sigh. We always throw away; lost; to have to be rediscovered so very much. A very human thing. Those babies often thrown out with the dirtied bathing water in the fetish for Pure and Clean “solutions”.
Solids-for-fuels and the steps are going to be hot, dirty, and sweaty.
Deal with it. A will-use, pre-qualifier.
Or just buy-out clean& pure what is offered up to you. Complaining about the prices. The service disruptions. Real rationing periods.
“Only one package of toilet paper allowed per store visit!!” 3 months of early 2020.
Steve Unruh


Yes it is a charcoal system, in the video when looking into the hopper the only wood I saw was little twigs small sticks. The larger pieces were charcoal all about the same size.
Interesting build on it’s internal working parts. Not simple to build.
I remember reading this write up a few years ago and the drawing of the system.


Here is a lot of detailed info about the Kalle gasifier and its development:


Thanks, that is a very interesting article.