The things that keep me up at night

Humour me and let me set up a film clip from one of my favourite Superman movies

Lets ignore for a moment that 1 of these things is a decay component of Ballonium and 2 others are something you can’t get your hands on…
Tar is just plain bad…
The net result however was Something like Kryptonite that did bad things to Superman

OK we all had a laugh because it was a movie.

But what if a computer could grind away at making a novel new Chemical in an afternoon.
And weaponize it
That’s a scary thought.

Parameters would be design a binary weapon that is novel and will not cause any questions about it.
No one regulates these things beyond known weapons so its likely the mail man will deliver your packages.
Lots of companies in China will synthesis a compound for you and send it in the mail…

Lets be real clever and design an antidote for it that can be administered before hand so when its deployed only the targets get sick and you are safe.
Something like this already exists.
Think about how toxic and dangerous Carfentanil is and how effective Naloxone is.
You can does someone with the antidote and and give them a lethal dose of Fentanil and they are just fine…

Now the scary part is this is no longer in the realm of Sci-Fi or fantasy.

I shortened this up and double checked my sources.

I just try to not think about it. It will be my time when God sees fit. Nothing I as an individual can do against a rogue AI set on killing humanity, or people using an AI for the same thing.