Tiller "red wild boar" with charcoal gasifier

I totally agree, Giorgio builds fantastic gasifiers, really looks great.
I just noticed even the gasifier itself looks happy about it… :wink:


the tiller actually gots his egr pipe… 2 times worked in the garden with it…


Giorgio, i really think you should get the Nobel prize, in category power tiller’s, for that build.
:smiley: :+1: :+1: :+1:


a lot here are nobel price suspicious, i will say…
the copper slope is for making the connection elastic, because the motor is to move forward to stop the transmission belt…
always a pleasure here to be on the forum seeing the activities of the members…
i think we have here a lot of unsigned readers…when i published the announcement of the fiat crawler in north italy, it was sold the next day, also another on the same site…


Hi Giorgio , after years of running updraft charcoal units ,last year i decided to have another go at running downdraft , i started with a very basic downdraft that never made very strong gas ,but this last attempt made decent enough gas to run my 7KW generator with only 1 draw back the excess heat on the pipe work was stupid hot after only 40 mins i was getting temps up and over 150 C , i shall see if i can get that down when i carry on with my new build after the burn ban has lifted here .
I am Amazed to see how short a distance between where your gas comes out and into your course filters before it then goes into the fine filter and onto your engine using pvc pipe ! , I take my hat off to you well done .


Hi Dave. What you describe, it seems the gasifier doesent convert the gases 100%. Have you got any skeches and pictures?


dave, the engine has only 5 hp, the filters act also as cooler, also the cyclone cools and the horizontal pipe with the trap-discs inside…
stainless conducts not very much the heat away, maybee with iron would also cool better…i have had luck with the build…
next time i will try the irrigation filter for fine filter…
ciao giorgio


Hi Kristijan ,
Pretty sure i am getting full conversion of gas due to the ease of starting and full power very early on after start up , I have no drawing it was lashed together in my head its basic in that the horizontal nozzle comes into the side of a 60 litre drum just over 1/3 up from the bottom then there is a grate around 3cm below with the gas being forced to follow a path opposite the nozzle keeping the gas in as long as possible , then its piped out along a 1 meter steel pipe into a vertical 200mm cooler/filter tank before heading off to fine inline filters and engine .
I guess its more a cross draft down draft mash up that sorta works but i am not overly happy with the amount of heat it put out , as i said i will carry on testing while my latest downdraft that is going to be a copy of Matt Ryders internal design or a twin nozzle might be fun to try out .


Hi Giorgio ,
Yes i was lacking the mass to dissipate the heat coming out the gasifier , i should have used a inline box filled with stones or pan scrubbers to help cool ,like your disks do inside your pipe , maybe i will use a cyclone i do have one and they do help ,but as i said before it was just a quickly put together out of steel scrap i had laying around ,no posh stainless :wink:


Dave & Brian,
Matt says that the gas from his downdraft charcoal gasifier is not hot. I have never understood how that is possible. I would expect more the results you are getting.


With my single nozzle diagonal draft my gas was just barely too hot to touch at the outlet pipe, but it was about a 12" depth of charcoal before the grate, and reaching across a 20" drum, so maybe the diagonal flow was 14 or 15" just guessing.

By the time it got to the filter it was cool enough to condense out any steam.


Same with my cross diagonal flow on low flow conditions running my small generator it ran pretty warm out going gases. But when I hook it up to my 5.2 L V-8 and just the engine idling the out going gases were very hot out of gasifier.
It is all about how hard are you pulling on the gasifier. Over pull it and it will go into heater mode and burn the out going gases up and the reserve charcoal bed that make good gases.


HI cody - about how far up is your air feed tubes on your charco gasifier down draft-cross draft unit? Thanks. or am i off on the design.


It was just the one pipe going in, I haven’t measured it in a while but I think I left about 6" off the bottom to let ash settle, so I had about 18" from the bottom of the drum for my air inlet. I had originally intended it to go on the Mazda, and I’ll probably still test out on that truck. I’m amazed it managed to power the GMC 4.3 at over twice the engine size.


today we added the water-irrigation filter on the tiller…the mesh has about 2300 holes on a square -centimeter…

catches again some very fine dust what goes through the foam filter…
pictures after about 5 hours of work