Tiller "red wild boar" with charcoal gasifier



hello woodgas friends, here our new baby, a chargas tiller for our vegetable garden…
yesterday the first test, 3 hours…
very successfull…finally without stinky gasoline exhaust in the bio-garden, very pleasant!
all built with old scrap, the motor is a briggs from `75 with 5 hp …
the gasifier is the same from the grain harvest mower - “one for two”…
the filter could be a bit bigger, the mesh is clogged after one hour and needs to be cleaned…but we have not built bigger because of the limited space- it should not becomes to high, because of operating under trees…maybee i will give the mesh a star -shaped design for more surface…
the red valve for start air mixing is opened only about 5 mm for good starting!
best wishes giorgio and son


And no need for a grate shaker. Well done


Beautiful gasifier. You said built from “scrap”. Where do you find all the stainless steel? And your hopper looks like it was “spun” from sheet metal. I hate that I have to work with old oil drums. TomC


Tom, you have to shop in classier junkyards! Maybe a food service equipment repair place has stainless odd junk they would sell for scrap price. Go to a real metal recycling firm and sweet talk them into retail selling you bits from the “stainless” sorted piles. We have that in Fort Wayne, you might have to drive some distance. If you are serious about safety and willing to follow the PPE rules (hardhat / safety glasses, etc.), you might find some nice scrap…
I think Europe uses more stainless for everything than North America does.


hello tom, the hopper is made from a milking engine- milk container, upside down, all other pieces we make from scrap sheets mostly 2 mm thick , so it is possible for me to weld it with electrodes…


hello michael, because of the cuts in the reduction area is no shaking necessary, i think.
but it has a shaker inside for cleaning after work…


Mike; There is truth in what you say. When I lived in Los Angeles there were places that bought scrap from the airospace companies. You could buy some pretty weird but good stuff. Unfortunately the only junkyard with in 50 miles sold out and the new owner allows only employees past the gate. TomC


I really like the idea of using a milk jug upside down, we used this type milking machines here in sweden too, I have saved some, to bad mine are made of aluminum.
Anyways, nice build.


I have wanted to build a trunk unit using all stainless parts. I have a 15gal beer half keg and I can find more kegs at the scrapyard, as far as milk cans I don’t have that much of a problem ordering them new, Temco makes a few sizes, I have an 8 gallon one for making essential oils with a still head.

Edit: I think the best part about the kegs is they’re cheaper and heavier walled, and you can buy milk can lid conversions for them to add a lid. I might start using a keg for filter bodies at the very least.


hello göran, our milk jug is properly made in sweden! from Amsta…
one can find it used in internet on pages for second hand stuff…


Hi Tom! You live in a “Dairy State”. Maybe some milking machine repair companies would have some stainless scrap. Might have to drive to Green Bay or something, worth doing some research if you want it bad enough. :cowboy_hat_face: If you want a certain scrap, go to the place that uses lots of it, talk to someone in “Maintenance”. where do you think 75% of my scrap comes from??? (Hint: I work in Maintenance at a Television Station!)


I have many many Briggs and Stratton parts…many new. PM me if you need something.


thanks bruce for offering briggs parts, but i think shipping from us to europe is too expensive and problematically
ciao giorgio


here the system for belt tension (with the big lever behind the motor) with this i can stop the tiller -knives.
with the lever i can move the complete motor forward, so the belt works not more and the cutters stops.
it is made in a way that the belt, when is not under tension, not touches the motor belt-wheel… otherwise the belt lives not so long…
this system was needed because the tiller has no separate gear for “off” and “on”.


the gasifier from inside… the reduction basket works well- not plugs


some work with the tiller in the garden…with additional foam filter…

foam filter inside with security experimental mesh with 900 holes on square-centimeter…

dust trap…

disc dust trap after 5 hours of work without disturbs…

in beginning we have problems with starting because of too much moisture in the coal, the spark plug gets invisible traces of umidity on and makes no spark…solution: ventilating for 10 minutes with open hopper lid, so some umidity goes away…attention: poison danger from gas!

short try with the cigaret lighter to see how much gas is in the smoke…


Giorgio, the upward process has the disadvantage that the heat radiating upwards first dries all the charcoal and as you can see, there is initially a lot of moisture in the gas, which is missing during further operation, the downward process is inappropriately better in this case. I am very happy with your contributions.


Blue ribbon for the best looking gasifier on a small piece of equipment.