VersiFire Prototype Base for Sale

Ok I have the original base for the VersiFire that is complete with cooler, setting tower, grate motor / actuator and base.

There is a clean out door that comes with it I just have not installed and will wait until it is sold to install. This is set up for the amteck blowers, however I am keeping this as this was a sold unit and need it for the replacement unit. However the grate motor will come with it.

The VersiFire evolved a bit after learning from the stove prototype so the design had changed and is no longer the design we will pursue. But for a DIYer there is a lot there already built and its just waiting for a gasifier to be built and installed on to it.

Asking $500.00 for it, local pick up is preferred but we could arrange shipment for extra cost that may be a deal breaker as shipping will be expensive around 200 to 300 bucks.


There is also a housing with grate that can go with it. Right now it has our reactor still built to it. It will be removed and destroyed and then you will have the grate that goes with it plus the housing to make the connection to the cooler.